‘‘“I wouldn’t be here without you,” he said, soft as music against her lips.  “Not just you—Alec, Isabelle, even Simon—but you’re my heart.”

“And you’re mine,” she said.  “You know that.”

He raised his eyes to hers.  His were stark gold, hard and beautiful.  She loved him so much her rib cage hurt when she breathed.”


Today I was walking down the street looking at all the shops. The whole time I was walking, I felt a pair of eyes glued to the back of my head. Turns out, this older gentleman couldn’t take his eyes off of my nails. He then proceeded to grumble to his wife about my appearance. Who would’ve thought painting my nails would bother someone so much? Let me tell you, the streets of LA have been nothing but inviting.

ya’ wanna know what really grinds my gears ? — what ? no ? well, uh … too bad. so, i give people all my time and dedication during the day, right ? that’s already a whole lot of effort ‘cause a selective few like to fuck with my precious time. when i decide to put my ‘ hello kittie ’ onsie on, get into bed in order to tune into my favorite eyebrow tutorial.. they want to text my phone with their simple ass problems. this is what i hate about my job, though. i can’t clock out, nor can shorty even catch a break around here. but now, i’ve promised myself to hide in bed today and learn how to fleek the brow and .. well, no one can stop me. i’m cierra, commonly referred to as ‘ five feet of fury, ’ and the way to my heart is through fast food. so, keep me company ?


パンダのシンシン by Copanda_

so my friends set me up on a blind date last night right ? coming to find out the mysterious man was my english teacher from high school. before you jump to conclusions, he’s only twenty-eight ! back in the day, he was the hottest thing since slice bread but he married at the time. sadly, i had this major crush on him but knowing deep down, i couldn’t have him. i don’t know something about older men makes me weak in the knees. however, he wants to go out for a second date but i don’t know yet. 

        I’m just trying to work out why the best things in life fuck you up so bad. Alcohol, food, but what I’m mainly referring to right now is naps. I’m just very confused and thrown off, and I feel like I’ve lived one thousand lifes between Friday morning and now. All I know is the confusion is quite tiring and I need another nap. 

◤ `*• imessage : open. ◢
  • GIGI: i think i broke my back ,,, i went skating and fell on the ground now i'm stuck here
  • GIGI: i decided to become friends with the carpet and take pics down here so here i am :~)
  • GIGI: did i mention i cracked my screen ???
  • GIGI: ass fat yea i kno ,,, sike my skate hit it :///