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Request: Okay first of all,  Ä± love tour imagines and for Brett, could you do one where the reader and Brett get in a fight because a girl was flirting with Brett and he ends up hitting the reader and they make up with lots of fluff at the end? Xx

A/N: Thanks so much!!!!

“She was not flirting with me!” Brett yelled.

“Oh! Yeah, sure! Because grabbing onto your biceps and smiling uncontrollably, is not flirting!” I screamed.

“It’s not!” 

“Well I guess you wouldn’t know because you’re not a girl!” 

“What does that mean?” He asks.

“Boys are so clueless to when girls try to flirt!” 

“So you’re saying I’m clueless?” 

“In a way yes!”

Brett threw his hands up, but because we were so close, in doing this action, his hand collided with my jaw. Stumbling back, I grabbed my jaw, shocked at what had just happened. When I looked back up at Brett, his eyes were as big as tennis balls.

“Y/N, I didn’t mean to!” He exclaimed, taking a step towards me. I backed up, rubbing where I had been hit. “Y/N, please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it!” 

He reached out and grabbed the hand that was covering my face. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It was an accident.” I said.

“I’m sorry for letting her flirt with me.” 

I looked up at him, “It’s fine, just don’t let it happen again.”

He smiled, and leaned down and kissed me.

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the vowels map: Estonian has 9 vowels: a,e,i,o,u,õ,ä,ö,ü

It has indeed, but those do not align with the nine vowel system I used. Estonian has both front rounded and back unrounded vowels, so it’s a pretty complex system, no to fit in a “simple vowel systems” map.

Finnish vowel harmony

vowel harmony

In Finnish there are three types of vowels:

  • front vowels (ä, ö, y)
  • back vowels (a, o, u)
  • neutral vowels (e, i)

When conjugating verbs or declining nouns, words containing front or back vowels must take endings with front or back vowels respectively. If a word contains only neutral vowels, its endings will contain front vowels. 

kirjoittaa to write - He kirjoittavat. They write. 

myydä to sell - Minä olen myymässä ruokaa. I am in the process of selling food. 

kirja book - Kirjalla on lyhyt otsikko. The book has a short title. 

keittiö kitchen - Rosan ei pitäisi olla keittiössä. Rosa should not be in the kitchen.

piiri circle - piirissä inside of a circle

The rule of vowel harmony does not apply to certain loanwords that will have both front and back vowels. Because loanwords usually come from languages that do not use ä or ö, it will most likely be a word such as olympia (olympic) that has mostly back vowels. Endings will have back vowels in this case. 

The kind of vowels in the endings of compound words depends on the last word in the compound word. 

kylpyhuone bathroom - Onko äiti kylpyhuoneessa? Is mom/mother in the bathroom?


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