friendly reminder that sauron is not even nearly as cool as lotr made him look like:

once he literally laughed evil villain laugh at his evil plan so hard that he didnt notice that the entire island was sinking into water and his body ended up drowning. he had to make new body out of anger.


パンダのリーリー by Copanda_


Honmonji Temple by ubic from tokyo
Via Flickr:
東京 池上 Ikegami, Tokyo SONY A7 + Planar T*1.4/85 ZF.2


Okay, listen. I drew this about a month ago but it just fits this fanfiction so much. srsly i  had this for weeks in my drafts
The fanfic I’m talking about is titled young, offensive, and probably grimy and if you don’t know it yet but like Erejearmin I highly recommend it! You can find it here