Creo que lo que más me molesta
es esa incertidumbre
de no saber si dejaste huella
o simplemente fuiste una brisa en su vida.
—  Blue. (¿Me recordarás con el paso del tiempo?)

I’m making a quite huge illustration for my personnal project. Here is a wip! You’ll find the whole version soon. ;)

2017 French Election Gothic

- You don’t remember the president. You know he must be here, but you never see him. They say there is a shadow in the Elysée Palace. People are complaining ; at night, you can hear crying sounds.

- “En Marche, En Marche”, they never stop, they never stop walking, why and where ? But when they come back, they are different. It’s something in the eyes. And they say, again : “En Marche !” Some people never come back, and now you’re afraid of walking.

- When you try to do research about the right-wing candidate, you only find newspapers and articles. The legend is complex ; you don’t understand everything. Some articles are about his wife, others mention children, but it’s mostly about a curse, and a price to pay. All evoke a great tragedy : “This is the end of his campaign”, they say, “This is the end”.

- They say “If the right-wing candidate doesn’t win, he will come back”. You don’t ask ; you know.

- Sometimes, you see a poster about a man you don’t know. “François Asselineau”, okay. It doesn’t matter. The next morning, there are more posters of him. And more. And more, covering the other candidates. You try to take it off, but the next morning, there are more.

- You watch television : one man says he will support the socialist candidate. You change the channel : the same man says he will never support the socialist candidate. You turn off the TV.

- There are weird sounds coming from the HQ of one of the candidate. Mechanical sounds. One day, the candidate goes out ; he is smiling. He snaps his finger ; an other version of him appears. “It’s not me”, he says “but it’s just like me”. You don’t see the difference. Then, he snaps his finger again. And again. And again. He never stops.

- You know she’s here. You know she’s waiting. Everyone is scared. Legends say she will come with a blue rose in her hand. And then… what ? Legends never say. 

- Jean-François Copé is still on television.  

Jaal’s true mother makes me so damn happy. Just her sweet, unflinching acceptance of Jaal’s new partner (dearest one) is soooo amazing. No hesitation. No questions to whether or not their relationship will work. Just love. Pure love.

The sweetest part of it all is her messages to Ryder. Telling Ryder to ignore everyone else’s opinions on their union and to keep moving forward. So supportative and curious to this new addition to their family, positively thrilled to see her son in a loving relationship. Doesn’t matter to her if his partner is alien. Just so long as he is happy that’s all she cares about.

AND MAKING PIES FOR HER NEW STEP-DAUGHTER/SON. AHHH! She even goes out of her way to see if the other mothers like the taste of it. They don’t but she still tries to make em because apparently, she heard humans like them? (Or angaran’s make pies on their own I have no idea) And let’s not forget Jaal having to deal with his mother’s insistent questions over his dearest one. Many of which either he doesn’t know in detail (like child birth) or is too embarrassed to explain to his mother. Doesn’t stop his mother of course. She just sends Ryder her questions in order to better understand this new alien step-daughter/son in her family. 

I love Jaal’s mother. That’s all. 

anonymous asked:

Infp here and I am obsessed with re-reading what I have written. I am usually focusing on the perspective of an onlooker, on how they will perceive the writing. I do it not just with my public work (which is anonymous), but my personal writings as well, even though I know no one is going to read that. Is this because of a particular function? I have already read these lines about 10 times now.

Intuitives in general can be insecure about details because of unconscious fears that stem from the underutilized Sensing function, which can potentially manifest as compulsively checking details or wanting to perfect them.