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Omg? Why I’m curious

its the texture…………….. its The Hell Texture……….Listen. Listen. People out there, who dont like having dry hands, who upon having dry hands go “Oh Well better lather my stupid palms up with this white goop so they slide on everything they touch, including door handles and bus poles”, those peoples are masochists, and i applaud them, and am disgusted by them at the same time. hell texture. hell texture

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What about a scenario where Sinbad, Jafar and Your choice, s/o is a magician and she died but she comes back to life as a magi? (Titus proved this can happen but it has to be for special reasons).


Woahh it came out really long…And I don´t know which character to choose, so it stayed by Sinbad and Ja´far. Sorry >_<


His golden eyes had lost their gleam after that dreadful day. The day were his lover, his heart, his soulmate took their last breath and closed their eyes for eternity. It was not like the other losses that he endure. Sinbad knew that he was a step away from completely falling into depravity and yet, he still tried to hold on to the slim light that his generals where for him. He kept on living like usual, always a smile on his lips, however only his close friends saw that those smiles never reached his eyes.

It kept on going like that, Sinbad becoming even more unstable with every passing second, till the day where some drift off magicians tried to attack Sindria.

Sinbad closed his eyes, summoned Focalor to djinn equip and stop all that nonsense. However, black ruhks appeared all around his form and he could only watch how darkness began to invade his vision. It was tempting to give in, but something stopped him.

Or rather someone.

Light came out of nowhere that seemed to freeze the black ruhks, turning them into their original golden state.

“ And you call yourself magicians? Begone and do not even dare to think about Sindria ever again!”

The outburst of the unknown saviour scared the attacker away and it finally turned to the still stunned Sinbad, giving him a close eye smile and engulfing him in a tight hug that he missed so much.

“Love? But…How? You-You died in my arms! I was the one that saw how you took you last breath, how you chest stopped to rise! How?”

“Sin, I really died that day. And I am truly sorry for leaving you like that. It is a long story, but I can tell you that much: There… was a special reason that needed to be dealt with. And for that, I was reborn as a magi.”

He could only stare at them. His lover was alive. His love. His Soulmate.

“You are alive!”- his grip on them tightened. “ Thank Solomon you are alive. I was lost without you. I…Wait, what special reason?”

They smiled softly, slowly pushing Sinbad away to be able to look into his golden eyes that they missed so much and started to explain:” You Sinbad. You started to fully fall into depravity and that can not happen. There is..more to it but this is the most important fact. ”

Sinbad could only smile, not caring for the words that fell from their lips as he just enjoyed the sound of their voice.

Never again would he let something so terrible happen to them ever again.


The kings right hand dedicated himself to his work even more after that incident. It occurred nearly frequently that the other generals found him passed out near a pile of various scrolls, his hands seemingly moving on their own. He despite sleep and could not help but blame himself for his loss. The death of his lover proved to him that he was indeed cursed to be forever alone, doomed to pay for the sins of his past. Emotions became rare and he slowly but surely evolved back to his former self, trying to stop those feelings by turning into an assassin again. Ja´far started to act cold, only responding when he was directly asked. Sinbad tried to help, but he knew that his friend needed to find a solution for himself.

Ja´far was, yet again, in his office, doing SInbads work that was due in two months, while staring blankly at the paper in front of him.


His hand stopped moving. No, that can not happen. That voice… ´Please brain, stop with your nonsense. I can not focus on someone who is already gone.´

“Ja´far, please look up.”

He swallowed hardly and reluctantly raised his head to be greeted with a miraculous sight. His s/o was, clad in a white gown, standing right in front of him. He shot up without thinking, knocking over the inkpot and bear hugged his lover. He was breathing hard, trying to comprehend that the warmth that he felt from their body was an indicator that proved him that they were alive. He kneeled down, pressed his ear to their chest and listened to their beating heart. He arose again, looked deep into their eyes and leaned his forehead against theirs.

“How? How come that I got a second chance with you?”

They smiled sadly, examining the dark circles under his tired eyes and his white hair that sticked up oddly.

“`Cause you deserve to be happy Ja´far. I will never leave your side again, so please stop blaming you for what happened. I am a magi now and I swear that I will take good care of your heart. So please, give us another chance.”

Ja´far could only nod, tears streaming down his pale cheeks as he finally leaned down to connect their lips.


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  • sama vanhus: juuh se naapurin Mikko tappoi itsensä talvella 1957. jätti perään vaimon ja viis lasta. miksköhän se silleen, liekö joku akka kironnut.