do yall like how i misspelled mutuals KALDJFKASDJF

hey its becky comin at u live w my first follow forever lmaoo UM so i remade 3 weeks ago and im already almost at 1k???? i was gonna wait to do this but i knew i wouldnt be in the mood to make this later this week so i jus did it now lol um thank u everyone for followin me like i rly dont know why yall are here? but i appreciate it n i love yall w all my heart <3

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sometimes i just sit and think about how voltron is made up of honest to god lions, robot lions, with lion faces, and it turns into a big dude, who has lion faces on its hands and feet, like the hands grabby but its a lion face, and it holds stuff, while it fights other big dudes, with its lil lion face hands, and its feet have mouths,, lion mouths, so when it kicks stuff its like, kicking things w the lion’s face,, i just- i just dont think i’ll ever be over that

Yes Captain!

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Smut, nsfw, fingering, teasing, Dom - Sub, oral, 

Word Count: 1509

Summary: Steve teaches you how to take orders like a good girl 

A/N: I’m just clearly in a real smut writing mood lately ;) 

I tangled my fingers into my wet hair as I stood under the running hot water, feeling the tears prick at the corner of my eyes. The last few hours were running on repeat through my mind and I couldn’t shake the guilt sitting like cement in the bottom of my stomach. It was all my fault. My dumb ass mistake that landed Clint in the infirmary with a hole in his gut the size of my fist.

Admittedly I’d been showing off a little, I wanted to prove that I was good enough to be there, to prove that I was good enough to be apart of the Avengers. I hadn’t planned on it going as wrong as it had and I certainly hadn’t planned on anyone getting hurt.

I sniffed, wiping my eyes with the heels of my hands before shutting off the water, stepping out into the steaming bathroom and grabbing my towel. I was going to have to face up to my mistake sooner rather than later; I needed to tell Clint how sorry I was. Wrapping the towel around my body I stepped out of the bathroom, intent on throwing some clothes on before heading down to the infirmary. What I wasn’t expecting was to see Steve sitting on the edge of my bed.

He looked up at me as I stood there, a frown crossing his face, his usually calm blue eyes stormy.
“You were reckless today,” He said. “You took an unnecessary risk and almost got yourself and Clint killed.”
“Steve…I’m -”
“As it is you’re lucky he is alive.”
“I’m - I’m sorry…”
“You’re a solid fighter y/n,” He continued as though I hadn’t uttered a word. “But that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t take orders while on a mission.”

Steve stood up, towering over me as he crossed his arms over his chest. I shrunk back, feeling my eyes start to sting all over again. Everything he said was true and I knew it but that didn’t stop the hurt that bristled in the center of my chest at his words.
“I’m sorry,” I muttered again.
“You need to learn how to take orders.”I furrowed my brows, looking up at him from under my lashes. “You need to learn that not taking orders gets you punished.”

The breath hitched in my throat, my eyes going wide as Steve took a step towards me, his hand reaching out to cup my cheek, his thumb brushing over my bottom lip. I felt my heart rate pick up.
“You will address me as Captain and nothing else, understood?” I nodded my head frantically. “What was that y/n?”
“Y - yes Captain.”
“Good girl.”

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the only thing i love more than this filter is my angel 😢💕🌷

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