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【2015 03 08】RADIOアニメロミックス ラブライブ!~のぞえりRadio Garden~ #62

のぞえりRadio Garden

So many good things in this one… I’ll just include one chunk. Plus at the very end: Kussun: “I’m fine. あれ?違う。 I’m funny.”

From about 11:00-14:00 (The stuff in quotes Kussun said in English.)

[Drink Bar Daisuki-san’s email:
Lately after getting home from work I have canned mandarin oranges. Do you two like that? What kind of canned fruit do you like?]
Nanchan: Hahaha!
Kussun: “Oh, okay.” Do you like canned mandarin oranges?
Nanchan: I do like them.
Kussun: Ohohoh. “Yes, me too.”
Nanchan: Hahaha!
Kussun: “Me too.”
Nanchan: I like canned peaches too.
Kussun: Ah, “peach.”
Nanchan: “Peach.”
Kussun: “Peach can.”
Nanchan: “Peach can.” Hahaha…
Do you like yellow peaches or white peaches?
Kussun: White peaches.
Nanchan: Me too.
Kussun: “White peach. White peach… Yellow peach.”
Nanchan: Kusuda-san, what kind of canned fruit do you like?
Kussun: “Sweet corn.”
Nanchan: Sweet corn?
Kussun: “Yeah.”
Nanchan: Corn?
Kussun: “Yeah.”
Nanchan:The kind where it’s really packed in there?
Kussun: “Yeah.” It’s sweet corn.
Nanchan: Do you always eat that?
Kussun: “Yeah.” I just eat it straight, with a spoon.
Nanchan: Eh? No way! Really?
Kussun: Yeah.
Nanchan: That’s unusual!
Kussun: It’s good!
Kussun: If you put it in the fridge so it gets cold, it’s really good.
Nanchan: Wait. You cool it? In the fridge?
Kussun: I cool it, I cool it.
Nanchan: Really?
Kussun: Until the can goes “kin kin.“
[Nanchan dissolves into laughter.]
Kussun: Until it’s like, "Ouch, that’s cold!”
Eh? What happened? Eh? What happened? What happened? Eh? Why are you laughing?
Nanchan: Hahaha! “The can goes kin kin!”
Kussun: Eh?
Nanchan: It’s all over! I can’t go on anymore today!
Kussun: Eh?
Nanchan: Please just go on by yourself!

[After the break.]

Kussun: “Okay.” It’s Lucky Kusuda and South Jolno’s NozoEli Music Avenue.

Nanchan: No way…

Kussun: We’ve got the sweet corn cooled until the can goes kin kin, and next up we have this merry corner [da ze]!

“This Week’s Harasho!” For this corner we ask you to send in surprising episodes from everyday life that make you say, “harasho!” Depending on the episode… South-chan will award up to 10 points…

Nanchan: Hahaha! Are you trying to say Nanchan? South-chan?

Kussun: South-chan will award up to 10 points! People who get the full 10 Harasho will get the special radio program Himitsu no Hanazono present!

Nanchan: I don’t think any mail we get can beat today’s Kusuda-san.

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