Thanks everyone for your response on my X-23 animation last week <3 Can’t wait to do more in this style!

In the meantime, here’s a process video of the whole thing :) 

Love <3

Packard Co. file photograph of a 1952 Packard front view, passing through large puddle, man behind wheel. Inscribed on photo back: “1952 Packard 250, twenty-fifth series, model 2531, 8-cylinder, 150-horsepower, 122-inch wheelbase, Mayfair sport coupe (body type #2577), fitted with exterior sun shield, note: redesigned pelican emblem, no "P-A-C-K-A-R-D” above grille, Packard crest mounted on grille, three redesigned jet louvers on rear fender, setting Packard Proving Grounds.“

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library