You know how there’s the part of the 2012 movie where Grantaire is inexplicably at the parade thing in a weird red hat at the same time as hanging around at the Musain? I can’t believe that for all these years, we’ve been misidentifying Grantaire’s twin brother, Tutti

give me more non-robot enjolras. i want enjolras who stops in the middle of Great Speeches because he can’t stop laughing at courf making faces. he loses track of what he’s saying and sometimes he forgets important things (lecture notes, his glasses) so meetings fall apart. he once punched a man for harassing someone on the subway but he cries when he sees tiny dogs. he likes space movies and laser tag.

Vedi, le parole vanno bene, ma certe volte sono inutili e non bastano più. Arriva il momento in cui certe persone non vogliono ascoltarti.
—  Joël Dicker