“Từ khi nào em đẩy tôi ra xa, và chúng ta không còn là chúng ta nữa. Từ khi nào câu hỏi mọc lên không còn chỗ chứa, và tôi mệt mỏi giữ chúng lặng im. Tôi nhìn những vết đinh ghim, còn sót lại sau dãy ảnh hạnh phúc. Tôi đã gặp và yêu em đúng lúc, còn em kết thúc chỉ có một mình. Nếu tình yêu là cuộc viễn chinh, em đã chiến thắng còn tôi có tất cả mà tay trắng cô đơn.”

(“Và để cơn mưa nằm yên” - Zelda)

#CHIÊU Thành phố này ồn ã quá, anh à.


Volkswagen (NSU) K70 Variant, 1971. The K70 had been developed by NSU as a piston-engined supplement for the stylish but unreliable rotary engined NSU Ro 80. NSU had always planned to make an estate version of the car (black and white pics) but when Volkswagen took over NSU and launched the car as the Volkswagen K70 they left out the wagon. Volkswagen experimented with their own version of a K70 Variant (colour pic) but did not put it into production either


NSU K 70, 1969. The K 70 was designed by NSU’s chief stylist Claus Luthe and was intended to plug the gap in NSU’s range between the Ro 80 and the smaller Prinz. It was to make its debut at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show and as the images above show, publicity material was produced for the car’s marketing campaign. However NSU’s financial troubles meant that the car’s launch was delayed. On April 26 1969 an NSU shareholders’ meeting endorsed a NSU/VW merger, VW needed a modern saloon so the K70 began production in August 1970 as a Volkswagen though it retained NSU’s naming convention, "K" for reciprocating pistons and 70 for 70hp. It was VW’s first front drive, water cooled in-line engine model and was eventually replaced by the first generation Passat


Final Fantasy XIII week: Day Seven                                                                        

Why you love the series: For the journey we all went through with Lightning, Hope, Serah, Snow, Fang, Vanille, Noel, Yeul, Sazh, Dajh, and Caius. For all the memories we all share, the friends I made along the way because of it, for all the strength I found in Light and the gang. For reminding me I’m not alone.

“You forget that, in the dark, we must move closer together in order to see each other. You were never alone”
                                                                                                                - Iain S. Thomas


三軒家路地 by m-louis .®
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Jul 2, 2016 at 11:55, Osaka 大正区