||February BPC: Just One Word|| 19. Meaningful. Have I mentioned recently how formative Animorphs was in my childhood? Because it really super was. Here are some of the books that featured hard choices that I remember from not doing a recent reread–there should be more Cassie books, because Cassie is my hero, but it’s been too long since I’ve reread the whole series :(

Halp. I’m getting emotional over my Sha Ka Ree playlist. I stg, the last like… four or five songs just TEAR OUT MY HEART. I keep thinking about my BOYS and I JUST. I’m in a lot of pain.

Honestly, this playlist is so goddamn good. It’s the best playlist I’ve ever made in my LIFE. I can’t wait to share it, but I’m worried you’ll pick up on my reasons for choosing the songs and it’ll spoil the whole thing. I know that’s the most unfounded worry in the world but still.

The second I post the last chapter, though, I’m forcing everyone to listen to this thing. And then you can FEEL EMOTIONS WITH ME.


…If we got Kogyoku and Ja’far teaming up against Zepar’s trial? And Zepar makes fun of Ja’far always dancing to Sinbad’s tune, and how Kogyoku is a silly, naive, idealistic princess, spoiled by her noble blood and palatial life (he also tries to drive wedge between her and Ja’far, because Ja’far knew what Sinbad was doing to her, and she doesn’t even hesitate to say that she forgives Ja’far, but Ja’far still feels guilty, which Zepar preys on), who doesn’t truly understand Sinbad (and he thinks; “Like another princess…” with Serendine’s phantom standing behind Kogyoku), and how alone he’s been all this time.

Imagine Ja’far faltering and Kogyoku seeing this and seeing red (she can forgive Sinbad treating her like trash, but treat anyone else like that? Heeelll no), and refuses to have her experiences redefined by Sinbad’s ignorance and arrogance, and points out that unlike her, Sinbad has always had someone at his side, from his parents, to Yunan, to Hinahoho, Drakon, Ja’far and the rest, meanwhile she was taken from her mother and forgotten in a corner in the palace for years until her household showed up, and that she cannot allow Sinbad to discard his household member like that (Zepar believes that Kobun was just using her, and she points out that not only did Kobun gain a household vessel immediately when she got Vinea, but that his vessel is a healing vessel, not something that will grant him glory and status in the Ko Empire, and that Zepar, as a djinn, should know better than anyone what that means, she also adds that Kobun would have fooled her too, because she is not as naive and trusting as everyone thinks, if not for Vinea).

Kogyoku then redefines the trial from being about Minds and Puppetry to be about Sorrows and Isolation, and Vainel Ganezza becomes an actual tomb of water (Ganezza means Funeral) enclosing Zepar!Sinbad and leaving him voiceless like she was growing up, watching as he sinks away from everyone into the darkness no matter how he tries to reach out, and outside, Kogyoku raises her blade, remembers how happy she was in Sindria with her new friends, how cute she found Zepar!Sinbad during the exhilarating spar, and lets it fall and the tomb of water turns from blue to red.

And as she does this, Kobun arrives and heals Ja’far and asks if he hasn’t the best king vessel in the world, and because Zepar and Sinbad are both cheaty cheats, he resurrects and attacks Kogyoku from behind and Ja’far stops and ensnares him in the blue snakes of his household vessel.

Only, they are made of water instead of lightning. And looks like mini-Vineas.

Because it is possible to admire more than one person at a time, and to lose loyalty and respect through one’s actions. Consequences are a pain, aren’t they, Sinbad?