I was rewatching Season 1 and got to this scene of Alex and Hank at NCPD and I couldn’t help but think about Maggie. Was she there? Did she see Alex from afar and though “Damn that fed is fine.” Or maybe it was after this, after NCPD loses two detectives because of this case that Maggie is brought in, transfered from Metropolis or Gotham, or maybe already working there but the only one interested in taking the cases about “weird” people they were working on… I just want to know more about Maggie.

dragonvision  asked:

Also I think it'd be a cool idea if she called Tweek "daddy" and Craig "dad" so they know which one she is talking to :') or switched either way :3 💓

Twaig: Okay, listen up dads! I think it would be better to call you two with different names so, Tweek, you will be daddy and Craig, you will be dad.

Craig: We can’t do that, I already call Tweek daddy.
Twaig: Wha-??? But-??? That doesn’t make ANY sense!!? He isn’t your dad- what???