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anonymous asked:

As the world leading expert on badass women with short hair I'd like to ask which hairstyle looks the best on Major Motoko?

Hah, thanks, but I still got a long way to go to be the leading expert. Anyway…

To nobody’s surprise I’m very partial to ‘95 Movie Motoko’s hair. Mostly becuase it looks messy and unkempt but in a very lifeless, artificial way. It’s not super cool or stylish, but it’s terribly sincere and fits the character like a glove. That, however, is kind of the problem: it’s a hairstyle that pretty much only fits Oshii’s particular version of the Major.

Shirow’s Motoko, meanwhile, never loses her sense of style. Even when her hair is drawn similarly it’s still noticeably cooler than Movie Motoko’s. And a lot of it, to me, comes down to those bangs. Movie Motoko’s have no point, no edge, they’re just dead strands of hair obeying gravity. Shirow Motoko’s bangs, meanwhile, are very much a defining feature of her hair and of her head’s general contour. Even when the rest of the hair isn’t a bowl, those bangs are ever present:

And that’s something that got translated very well in Stand Alone Complex, which manages to strike an excellent balance by combining Shirow Motoko’s pointy bangs and Movie Motoko’s understated, unkempt look (though to a much slighter degree) to create something that sits comfortably between them.

My only problem with SAC Motoko’s hair is exactly that: it sits too comfortably. It has life and a unique shape but not to the degree Shirow gives it, and it’s raw and rough but not as much as Movie Motoko’s. It doesn’t grab me as much as either extreme, but I’m happy to see elements of both represented in it.

So personally, I like Oshii’s ‘95 Movie Motoko’s hair the best, but I will readily admit a lot of it comes down to me loving that particular version of the Major probably more than I should. In more general terms, SAC’s version is A-OK.