Scott Lobdell • Dexter Soy • Cover by Nicola Scott

“Who is Artemis?” part two! After getting shot out of the sky by the Bow of Ra, the Dark Trinity finds itself stranded and separated in the war-torn country of Qurac. While Artemis squares off against her long-forgotten foe responsible for the Bow of Ra’s disappearance, Bizarro comes across a group of innocent refugees looking for a savior. Meanwhile, Red Hood faces a crisis of conscience when he’s forced to relive the trauma of his own death and comes face to face with his greatest enemy—himself!

On sale MAY 10 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

Random headcanon (Arkham edition)

Joker is the reason for 99% of the new rules Arkham had to put in place after he was admitted there. Examples include: 

- No chairs with wheels

- No coffee or candy available for patients

- No unsupervised staircase railings

- No yelling at the top of your lungs of vintage Britney Spears songs at 3am