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Honestly I want to cry. I love Magnus so much. He's honestly such amazing bi representation and poc representation- very specifically Asian- and Harry himself is an actual angel. I just... want him to get more love and respect? And I'll be honest I'm white and bisexual and it breaks my heart and I honestly can't imagine how much worse it must be for fans of color and LGBTQ fans of color. I just am sad, sorry for this ask.

i’m just going to be brutally honest and say that white ppl can criticize this show and walk away and still find their rep elsewhere; as a queer se asian i … can’t. like i don’t. have much else?? this is it for us. this is all we get

so it’s uncomfortable when i see the criticisms from white ppl leveled @ the show as if they somehow get it, as if it hurts them just as bad or they’re just as disappointed. like…no, you don’t get it. you just don’t. and it isn’t a slight against white fandom i’m happy you guys are lucky enough you can look elsewhere but please remember that you are in fact lucky enough to be able to look elsewhere

Angels on Earth

Angels who are adrenaline junkies, chasing danger just hoping it will make them feel alive, feel infinite again. Angels who don’t care about the pain or injuries their adventures may bring; it only helps them feel more like themselves.

Angels who smoke, drink, do drugs, because hey, this body is temporary and wasn’t mine in the first place so what does it matter?

Angels who go out in the desert on clear nights looking for the strange lights in the sky, who go off in the woods looking for cryptids, trying to find something else that isn’t supposed to exist so they feel less alone.

Angels who break any and all laws they find useless, shaking their heads at the petty rules and restrictions placed on humans and at those who form the governments, pathetic humans who somehow find themselves fit to be placed above the rest. Angels who are rebels on earth as well as in heaven, impatiently awaiting the nearest revolution.

Angels who spill the truth about themselves to whoever will listen after one too many drinks or one too many nights stuck inside their own head, who know how delusional they sound but can’t bring themselves to care anymore.

Angels who’ve expertly mastered playing the part of the human they’re wearing, sometimes feeling bad that they’ve deceived so many of their vessel’s loved ones who don’t know that their child, their sibling, their friend, is long gone and replaced by some unfathomable consciousness.

Angels who stay armed at all times, whether it be switchblades in back pockets or revolvers under mattresses. Angels who sleep with a knife on their bedside table just in case their past comes looking for them. Angels who feel naked without a weapon.

Angels with little to no empathy who’ve learned how to portray emotions and reactions as well as anyone who feels, who can almost understand the feelings on a logical and mental level but not entirely. Angels who form attachments with the mind, because they can’t with their heart.

Angels who are a far cry from the selfless beings humans write them off as, who don’t care what happens to humanity, save perhaps for a handful of humans. Angels who only truly care about one or two people, but would level empires for them.

Angels who abandon their charges because they’re beyond help at this point, because they’re uncooperative, because they piss their angel off one too many times.

Angels who recognize each other on the street, perhaps once friends, lovers, enemies. They don’t speak. Their eyes say everything their mouths don’t.

Angels who don’t want to go back to heaven, who would rather stay trapped in an endless cycle of human lives than return to the corrupt shell of what heaven used to be.

Angels who avoid religious establishments like the plague, because how dare any mundane soul claim to know the doctrines of the divine.

Angels who are depressed, who are sick of the empty feeling in their chest, who don’t know how to feel whole again.

Angels that know that even going back to heaven will never heal old wounds, that nothing with ever be the same after their family was torn apart by the war.

Angels who remember nothing of home or who they were, who have only a feeling of divinity burning in their soul as their guiding compass.

Angels who remember too much, who feel it eating away at them every moment of every day, who think their lives would be easier if they could just forget. Angels who resent the knowledge of who and what they are, but know they’d be lost without it.

Angels who were made to destroy instead of create, who lament that humans can’t see that destruction can be just as beautiful and pure and raw as creation.

Angels who don’t remember God, who never knew Him, who don’t care to. Angels who know they wouldn’t get along.

As regards to Nina making he return I am royally SHOOK but so happy but am also anxious to wait and see how yet another very promising storyline/series finale may be fucked up, i kinda ship everything on this show to be quite honest so amnt overly bothered with endgames but I can’t help but think that from a story writing point of view, that while being the most unrealistic outcome in terms of where the ingenious (*eye rolls*) writers are taking the story, stelena, bamon and klaroline would be the most interesting, logical and satisfying conclusion to the story, in my head I could genuinely see a possible time jump, bonnie alive (bc she’s died too many times and if she dies for good it’ll just be unoriginal at this stage ffs)the writers themselves have always described Damon as the third point in the triangle, and I for one feel that their story has been wholly burnt out, completely exhausted, the past few seasons has been those two running around in toxic circles for God knows what reason when there were perfectly good storylines to be explored. The chemistry between Dxmon and Elxna was absolutely sizzling in the earlier seasons but has gradually become more dead, useless and flat than a burst balloon, and it’s so tired, and Stxroline’s chemistry was dead in the water before they even got together, a beautiful friendship but romantically there’s something missing, although I am a much bigger fan of these two and their pleasant and mutually beneficial relationship which makes both parts happy than I am the former, but anyway, and finally Bonnie and Damon would have a relationship based off of mutual love, respect, forgiveness and GROWTH (key word, a relationship where one part continuously makes mistakes, apologises and never experienced growth or betters themselves but devolves back to the villain they were previously as soon as the relationship breaks down and continuously makes the same mistakes is TOXIC and overall a very negative entity, no arguments with this), I cannot see how Bamon would be a less realistic relationship just because they’re best friends, given the basis for Stxroline’s relationship? Anywho I kinda just imagined the ideal finale being Bonnie somehow becoming a vamp witch and living eternally in a lovely suburban, cozy home with Damon and their adopted kids bc those two deserve happiness God damn it, Stefan taking the cure and losing his memories and Elena having her memories erased to go on and live a normal life and one day she’s walking around a crowded city and bumps into this handsome stranger (Stefan) and they fall in love again bc SOULMATES And Caroline is at home one night when she hears a knock on the door to see klaus and she’s finally ready to be with her last love DELUSIONS Peace out bitches Julie Plec can kiss my ass Someone’s gonna die and if it’s Bonnie Bennett I will fucking riot

hello it me

can that peebee gifset die already i’m sick of seeing notifications for it

I’m giving up. I give up. I’m sorry, I can’t do it anymore. It’s been months, whether I want accept it or not, it’s been months and everyday it’s worse and I can’t see the end of it. I’m sorry.

i swore i was never gonna date someone i went to school with if i get all skinny and attractive bc they didn’t see me and my heart of gold when i wasnt the prettiest flower in the garden and just bc i’m worth picking now (or later) doesn’t mean i want u to love n appreciate me then and i hope i’m a rose or something so my thorns can poke u u shallow piece of shit bc i’ve always been beautiful

according to this textbook, because president hayes, elected 1876, was elected as the result of several disputed votes, he was sometimes referred to as “his fraudulency”. and i sincerely love that

“your fraudulency, the cabinet is ready”

“jim i told you not to call me that”

“sorry, mr perjurer. i mean mr president”