After throwing that pokeball at JK, Jimin’s gut reaction - his way of apologizing - was to try to kiss(?) Jungkook on the cheek. And the fact that they both practically ran away from the scene right afterwards made this 100 percent funnier (Jungkook was desperate for a drink of water and Jimin just kind of.. awkwardly floated somewhere to the side).

And god, look at Jin’s reaction:

^ Source: Same, Jin. Same. He totally knows something,,

But like, imagine this.. Jungkook rarely gets angry, right? Well, in comparison to Jimin, let’s say. So what if Jimin’s way of dealing with a sulking/angry Jungkook is to go full on aegyo mode? To cling to him and kiss him and do all the things that Jimin wouldn’t normally like to do… but would do anyway because Jungkook’s really into it? And Mr. Tsundere would, of course, try to resist and deny that it’s working..

…But it’ll totally work. Every single time.


jm: [hit jk with the pokemon ball] sorry baby
jk: it’s ok
jm: [kiss jk’s neck] mmm so sorry
jk: minnie, not in public cmon [cant help but smile]
vhope: joon hyung’s gonna scold them lol
yoongi: cool

And here’s Ryou!
Didn’t bothered with the full views, cause it’s the same as his clothes in the Movie, but the white lines of his shirt are darker blue n_n
The backpack it’s because I wanted him to wear something creepily cute!

And he needs a backpack for adventures                                                                                        

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I'm kinda curious - in your opinion how Chocobros will express/experience "baby fever"? Or they would brought aspect of "let's have a baby" to their partner in some other, refrain way?(But baby-fever Chocobros! Cuuuuute!)


I love thinking about what the bros will be like as dads, ugh such cuties. I ended up adding a couple sentences about their kiddos because why not (。・ω・。)

Baby Fever


Noctis would be so shy about bringing up having kids. He’d probably spend a lot of time longingly looking at parents with their kids before even thinking about mustering up the courage to talk to his partner. And before saying anything, he’d test the waters. He’d occasionally mention a child they’d see in passing or talk about his childhood, trying to gauge how his partner felt about having children.

Once he finally worked this out inwardly, Noct would create a real awkward pause in conversation before saying something about wanting to be a dad. His partner would stare at him for a long moment, processing what the prince just said. He’d then kiss them and stammer out something like, “I’ve been thinking… er… can we have a baby? J-just… think about it for now. I love you.” Knowing Noct, he’d end up saying this right before a goodbye, leaving both him and his partner to think about the encounter until they saw each other again.

Noct would end up having a son then a daughter. He’d be a great father to both, spending a lot of quality time with them regardless of the duties he has as king. His son would be more gentle and reserved, his daughter the one with a fiery spirit and a real stubborn streak.


Prompto wouldn’t make anything known verbally for a long while. It would all be in actions that his partner would have to pick up on. Honestly, Prompto probably wouldn’t even be aware of how much he wants to be a dad until his partner flat out asks him. He’d mention it in passing once or twice, but it would never be in-your-face or stupidly obvious.

As for the actions themselves, it would be cute little things like mentioning how cute certain baby clothes were. He’d be the kind of guy to point out an outfit in a store and mention how cute it would look on an actual baby. And he’d love talking about potential names. If he heard a name he’d like, he’d casually say something about the name, possibly mentioning he might name his child that.

When at parties, gatherings, or any place with kids, Prompto would somehow end up being the one to hold the babies or toddlers. He’d also spend a lot of time down on the floor, playing with the babies and their toys and allowing the toddlers to climb all over him. Just imagine how giggly and loud Prompto would be. Simply adorable.

Prompto would be an amazing dad to two, possibly three, daughters. The girls would be a few years apart in age, but they would be extremely close to one another and have a great relationship with their father. He would always be the kind of dad to have tea parties with his girls, but not hesitate to proceed to chasing them around their home, picking them up and tickling them, all the while shouting something about being the “tickle monster.”


As we are all aware, this guy would have done a lot of thinking prior to even deciding if he wanted to be a father. It wouldn’t have been blatant though. It would be gradual, involving passing conversations with parents, thinking about his own childhood, balancing a budget, figuring out where they’d live and where the baby would sleep, etc.

After thinking about it for what feels like forever, Ignis would bring up the conversation with his partner while they were cuddled up together after a long day. He would mention his desire to be a father and the fact that he thinks they’d be great parents. When they say yes, he’d laugh slightly before kissing them, unable to contain how excited he was for the change that would be coming to their life. Within a few days, Ignis would make sure his partner started taking prenatal vitamins - he wouldn’t want anything to happen to the baby in utero.

Post-Altissia Ignis wouldn’t admit it outright, but he would be terrified to have a child. He would want to be a father, but he’d feel he wouldn’t be able to do his best. Iggy would be aware that he would have his partner’s full support in raising the child, but he would be worried it was creating too much stress for them having to look out for both him and their child. He would be heartbroken that he would never be able to see the faces of his children.

Iggy would have a daughter then a son. He would have it really easy with his daughter because she would be very similar to him - bookish and quiet, sprinkled with sass. On the other hand, his son would be incredibly curious. He’d continually wander off or accidentally get himself into trouble, frustrating Ignis because of his struggle to keep tabs on the boy.


Nobody would be aware that Gladio was even thinking about being a father. It would come on very suddenly and strongly. Out of almost nowhere, he’d see a baby and think about fatherhood. He would wait until he was in the comfort of his own motel room home before mentioning anything about it to his partner. And he’d be just as shocked as they are that the words “I want to have a baby” just came out of his mouth.

If his partner even hinted at being slightly interested, he’d take them by the waist and kiss them. He’d work from their lips to their collar bone before saying something along the lines of, “then let’s get started.” His partner would end up laughing, before quickly backtracking and asking him to let them actually think about it for more than two minutes.

Gladdy would be all about having a bigger family. And his poor s/o would be struggling with the fact that they’d be raising three Gladio’s and an Iris. They would have fraternal twin boys, a daughter, then yet another son. Gladdy would train his boys from a young age in the art of war and protection of the crown, but would also be completely willing to take time to mess around with them. He’d also, rather nervously, train his daughter, hating the idea of her being in battle. She’d be his princess that could do no almost nothing wrong.

Head Canon - Dredgen Yor

He didn’t look like Thorn.

As much as I love to think of him as wearing edgy, ragged gear that looks as savage and strained as his cursed weapon, imagine something else for a moment.

You see a tall, noble man. Everything you’ve ever imagined a Guardian to be you see reflected in this man before you - everything about him is pristine and well-kept. His armor is clean and bright and you could easily imagine him standing upon the Walls, holding the City against anything the Darkness can throw at it.

But there’s something… something in his eyes, in his stance, in the way he shushes you and lays out his syllables and talks circles and riddles around himself. He is everything you’ve imagined a Guardian to be, but there is something fundamentally wrong about him and you can’t figure it out…

And then you see Thorn.