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y’all ever wonder why half the beauty/cosmetics industry is geared towards anti-aging but they market almost none of it to men. i’ve never seen an ad for wrinkle cream for men, or age spot corrector for men, or youth serum for men, or crows feet treatment for men, like why are they allowed to age in peace but women aren’t. why can’t I just get fuckin old without every corner of every drugstore telling me it’s bad

please tell me im not the only who found roxannes hyper-humanoid design jarring in comparison to well…..goofy&co

seriously what was wrong with having a more cartoony design like stacey’s?

mick fleetwood casually showin up to support harry at his concert no big deal it’s just literally one of the people harry has always looked up to it’s just wow cool

anonymous asked:

You make my depression easier to handle 🙄

I hope you all realize that you all make my life better too. I am so happy I can make a little difference in your lives, but you guys have helped me more than you can imagine. I wouldn’t be who I am without you

flusteringlourry  asked:

thank you for not being afraid to be yourself 💕

Thank you guys for accepting me for me. It’s been kinda scary on Youtube lately with everything going on. Sometimes its hard to not overthink things. But seeing you guys be so supportive and standing by the channel is so nice. Its so comforting knowing you guys are here for me and for each other. Thanks for being so rad :)