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Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner | Fast & Furious 7 Behind The Scenes

“This one matters the most because we lost a dear and great friend, Mr. Paul Walker. And we will carry on his legacy the way he would’ve wanted us to. Period. He is the original Fast & Furious.” - Ludacris

“We all knew Paul, we all were close to him. And it was a responsibility that I carried with a great deal of pride because it’s gonna give people the opportunity to still have fun while they’re thinking about what we’re all thinking about, which is our brother.” - Tyrese Gibson

“You get to say goodbye to somebody very, very special. And I think all the fans are just gonna feel good that there’s a respect there. I think that’s what’s gonna be special about this one. All the fans get to say goodbye.” - Michelle Rodriguez

“That support and that sense of family that exists in the film actually bleeds off screen, and the whole world somehow gets to feel a part of that family.” - Vin Diesel


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