Day 27/100:

i stayed home sick today and used my time for revising and for preparing for my acid-base test in chemistry tomorrow. i’m really nervous, but i’m trying my best to prepare and hopefully i’ll be okay!

i’ve also recently taken up self-studying french!

je veux Français parler.🇳🇱

Ultraman in Texas

In February, I went to see the Ultraman Double Feature that was touring American theaters in a limited engagement.  It featured dubbed versions of the Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S movies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dub but I still enjoyed the movies quite a bit, especially the Ultraman X film. 

As many of you might know, I live in Texas.  Right now I live in Austin but I spent a good many years in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and I still go back from time to time because that is where a lot of my family resides. As you might expect, given its Japanese nature, there isn’t a lot of Tokusatsu that uses Texas, or Dallas in particular as a setting. 

Well, low and behold during part of the Ultraman X movie, what city should appear on screen?

Hey, those buses have the Texas flag on them and some of those buildings look familiar… no, it couldn’t be.

Holy crap!  It is, there’s an Ultraman movie that has scenes set (and shot) in Dallas!

OMG!  I know exactly where that is!  That road is IH35, which is a major interstate Highway running from Minnesota to Mexico!  It’s a crappy and congested roadway that’s sometimes a Nightmare to drive on. Also, that ball in the center of the screen…

Yeah, that one, right there!  That’s Reunion Tower, one of Dallas’ most notable skyline landmarks.  There’s a hotel connected to it that I used to be the site of an anime convention I attended.  That’s so cool!

Oh crap, that’s not going to help traffic any.

Fun fact, when I was really bored and living in Dallas, I would sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a giant monster attack the city.  Apparently someone in Japan had the same idea!

So, who is going to save Dallas?

It’s Ultraman Ginga!

And Dallas is saved!  Yeah, this probably isn’t that cool to anyone else, especially if you live in a place often used in science fiction/monster movies but I so rarely see Dallas get a giant monster or a tokusatsu fight so yeah, this made me like the movie even more!


3.23.17 | 3:48 PM
more pictures of my notes at the edge of the loft railing, where they are in a state of possible peril because the lighting from these windows are the best in my house.

I’ve blown bubbles and eaten chocolate. I haven’t studied chem in a day or two, but I’ve worked out. so I’m not fully back on my grind yet, but I’m definitely going to keep working towards it!

and remember, don’t let anyone burst your bubble ♡

接辞の漢字 (Kanji as affixes)

Today’s lesson. Nothing to report (am as moody as the weather. Silver lining: not longing to be outside to enjoy the sunshine/spring/young leaves of grass, or whatever).

Hope your spring is sunnier, wherever you are studying and/or enjoying life :-) 🌸

(33/100 days of productivity)

And while we’re on the subject of annoying and bad activism, stop wasting pads and tampons on “protests,” stop sticking them to walls, stop writing messages on them, I get the idea behind it, but menstrual hygiene products are expensive and not accessible to everyone. If you have that many extras, give them to homeless peopel or something. Also it’s bad for the enviroment. Knock it off.


{ March 23rd 2017 } - 4/100 Days of Productivity

I cleaned up my room today and sorted my schoolwork into the magazine files I ordered from Muji! (Bad news: they don’t fit on my bookshelf, but I’m hoping to install some shelves above my desk soon so that shouldn’t be a problem for long!) I went onto handwriting practice since I want to become better at cursive and my regular letters need some work. Finally, I started my masterlist of poetry themes, context and links with Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes as I think it’ll help my analytical skills but also know what poems go well together!



I got my first A* in a philosophy paper and I’ve actually never been so happy. I would be celebrating if I didn’t have the thought of an untimed, unseen history essay Monday.

march 23, 2017 (day 77/100)

ap world history + starbucks😊
omg spring break starts on saturday for me!!! i’m super excited even though i’m probably going to be working all break to prepare for a model un conference and my ap exam