“Being lay down like this, isn’t like you. So please wake up.. Actually I used to think that it was fine if someone like me wasn’t even born to this world.. But after meeting you.. For the first time in my life, I was grateful that I was born.. And I’m grateful that the only reason I’m living now is you. I’m sorry.. And.. I really love you.”

A South Korean Student Soldier During the Korean War, Days Before he is Killed by Advancing North Korean Troops. His Letter for his Mother is Discovered on his Body

Thursday, August 10th, 1950
“Mother, today I killed a man
I threw a terrifying device called a grenade and it killed him instantly
The explosion nearly tore out my ear drums
Even as I write, my ear is filled with dreadful echo.
As much as an enemy they are to me, it pains my heart knowing that the people I’m shooting at are my people who I share the same blood and language with
And as if death is approaching, my fellow student comrades lay hopelessly in the sun, as if the enemy might advance any moment.
The enemy is dead silent, I do not know when they shall strike.
They have countless foes, we only have 71.
I am scared because I do not know what to do next.
Mother, there is a chance I might die today
It’s unlikely that those numerous soldiers would just ignore us
Mother, it’s not that I’m afraid of death
I’m afraid that I shall never see you or my siblings again.
However, I shall live
I promise I will survive
Mother, my heart is starting to settle now.
Mother, I shall survive and be at your side again.
I want to eat fresh lettuce wrap right now
I want to slurp down on cold noodles until my teeth fall off beside the waterfall.
Ah, the enemies are coming now.
I shall write again.
Mother goodbye! Goodbye! Ah, it’s not goodbye.
For I shall write again.
Until then.