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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 

  • Most Disney Channel Shows: characters have these perfect families with a mother and a father who are married with many kids
  • Andi Mack: Andi is the result of a teenage pregnancy, Buffy has a mother that serves overseas, Cyrus has divorced parents whom are both remarried

Peter: [after breaking up with Wade] I miss him.
Tony: Yeah. He was your first real boyfriend.
Peter: I keep expecting him to show up. He used to come by at night and I’d sneak out to see him.
Tony: Yeah, I know.
Peter: You knew?
Tony: His car’s thirty years old and doesn’t have a muffler. And he honked.

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//slides in with some pizza, HI! Ok so abt the sex scene editing prompt, how abt Keith going through it with the author and the author is offended going "how would you know? weren't you ace??" and Keith just rolling his eyes and making the author stretch in the poses described to prove his point of how impossible they are. Keith is never wrong.

Keith Editing Sex Scenes Part 2 (Part 01)

[The Voltron Family] Keith was at work and currently James Wilson, the author of the manuscript with the sex scene he edited days ago, was sat in his office looking over at his proofread work.

James: *turns the pages* Wow. That’s… that’s a lot of red.
Keith: Hmmmm.
James: *looks up at Keith* Was it that bad?
Keith: It was good actually.
James: *gapes* How can you say that when my chapter one is literally all in red ink? *shows Keith his manuscript*
Keith: *smirks* That’s good though, isn’t it? That means you can improve on it. Read thoroughly my notes and think it through. As a reader, I need to be able to sympathize at least with one character. Your characters lack depth. 
James: *frowns* Yeah, a bit of my weakness actually.
Keith: That’s fine. That’s what I’m here for, remember?

They go through corrections and they discuss what could make the scenes better, when suddenly they made it to the sex scene part.

James: *eyes widens* You just placed one huge “X” on the whole page.
Keith: I did.
James: B-but why? Was it hor—
Keith: It was horrible. 
James: What? *surprised*
Keith: It was unrealistic. If you look at my notes at the back of the page…
James: *turns the page* *sees Keith’s bulleted notes* That’s… *gulps* a lot.
Keith: Exactly. Writing a sex scene should be intimate. I’m not asking you to write me poetry, but this is their first time doing it. You’re supposed to get scared, feeling so unsure if you’ll push through with it but at the same time you’re overwhelmed with feelings of excitement. Your sex scene falls so flat it felt like I’m reading a procedure on how to cut an octopus. 
James: Gosh, Keith, that’s so harsh of you. *frowns*
Keith: I’m just saying it like it is. Plus, the guy can’t possibly stretch that much. Believe me, I know. 
James: *raises an eyebrow* But aren’t you ace? How can you possibly know?
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Get up. *stands up*
James: What?
Keith: I said get up and try that position you described from that scene.

James got up and actually tried getting in position but he couldn’t even go halfway that he just dropped on the floor, looking flushed.

Keith: *looks down at him* *smirks* See what I mean? The hand can’t go that far nor can it bend that much unless, of course, you’re an octopus. *chuckles while looking pointedly at James* Now c’mon. *offers hand*
James: *takes Keith’s hand to stand back up* Okay, that probably wasn’t the best idea.
Keith: It’s not. *goes back to his table and sits down* Plus, I’m not sure if this was your intention but what they were doing in that scene was completely unsanitary. Have you done research online? 
James: I have. *sits down* And I read it online at—
Keith: *unimpressed* Read where? Fanfiction dot net? Archive of Our Own? Labelled “Lemon” or “Explicit” ? *raises an eyebrow*
James: *flushes* Well, how do you know all of that when you’re ace?
Keith: I’m ace, not an idiot.

Suddenly Keith’s door opened and Shiro’s head popped in.

Shiro: Hey, sweetheart, you ready?
Keith: *turns around* Oh, Shiro! You’re here. *looks at his watch* *stands up and walks over* Just give me a few more minutes and we’ll go on that lunch date, alright? *smiles*
Shiro: Alright. Don’t work too hard. 
Keith: *whispers* I’m working on that. *subtly pointing at James in the room with his eyes*
Shiro: *gets it* Oh. *snorts* Well, I hope he finds our… suggestions and comments helpful. 
Keith: He’s actually questioning it because I’m ace.
Shiro: Is he really now? *raises an eyebrow*
Keith: Yeah. *rolls his eyes*
Shiro: *looks at James* Hey! 
James: Yes?
Shiro: Keith’s my husband so he knows what he’s talking about in regards to your sex scenes. *winks* When he says “he knows”… he knows.
Keith: *eyes widens* *slaps Shiro* You idiot!
Shiro: *laughs* *kisses Keith on the lips* I’ll see you later, sweet pea. *closes the door before Keith could even react*

Keith turned around and cleared his throat. He saw James gaping at him like a fish, completely bewildered and flustered.

James: You have a husband. *blinks*
Keith: I do, yes.
James: You have a gorgeous, model-looking husband.
Keith: Ugh. Yes, I do. 
James: So you and him…. *points at Keith and the door*
Keith: Yes, we do. *sighs*
James: *leans over to Keith on the table* I’m so sorry, I’ll be in your care.
Keith: The octopus comparison actually came from my husband.
James: Oh my god. *laughs*
Keith: *smiles* He’s a bit silly but he’s a good man.
James: *smiles* Yeah, I can tell. You guys are adorable.
Keith: *rolls eyes fondly* Don’t let him hear you say that or else his head is going to get big again.

Tony: You know what I just realized?
Steve: That some thoughts are best left unexpressed?
Tony: That in our relationship, I’m the pedal and you’re the brake.
Steve: Last week you said that you were the painting and I was the frame.
Tony: That was if we were an artwork. This is if we were a car.
Steve: If we were a horse, I know which part you’d be.