Spectacled Bear,  Okay, maybe this was the best idea. But the view is great :) by Andy McGarry

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Imagine all the stories we can now wirite now that we know Molly lives in 221B :D

Well, we HOPE she does lol. To me that’s definitely still a fanon thing, just like the idea of her being pregnant. I love both ideas but in no way would I ever presume they were canon till they gave us an episode with her waddling with a big belly out of Sherlock’s bedroom, wearing one of his dressing gowns, to join him for tea that he’s so considerately prepared for her!

The final problem is solved


when you read a book you, as a reader, must add something to that book while reading it. You must add yourself and your personal experience of life and your hopes, pains, struggles and dreams to it, to make it yours, and to make it true. That’s why while you are reading it you recognize part of yourself in some character or in the story, and that’s why you start to care about that story and characters. This process is natural and mandatory, it’s absolutely and totally expected, and good writers count on this from your part expecially with the unsaid into the story. A good book needs your contribution to be so good and you filling the blanks is normal, expected and again, mandatory.

Shows and movies are the same, the only two differences are that you can’t use your immagination to picture places and people, but you actually see them, and second, that actors, directors and crew with their own view of the story and characters add themselves to the mix. So there are not just writers and viewers into play, but other important people too. But apart from that is the same here: as a viewer you count, you always counted and your interpretation of what you see and your filling the blanks is totally legit and valid.

The final problem and sherlolly:

I see a lot of struggle around, people are doubting the ILY, the coffin smashing, the tiny bit in the end, the last Sherlock’s text, and the writers and actors interviews are adding logs to the fire of doubt.

Well. let’s try to be calm. What do we have, here?

Let me remind you that this is primarily a big fanfiction made by two ACD geeks and that in ACD books Sherlock ends his life alone while here Molly is still there. Yes, let me remind you what happened to Mary two episodes ago and all the other poor people involved in Eurus game in this episode, while Molly on the other hand is still alive. And let me remind you that in the end we see her in 221b, smiling. Facts, I am not interpreting things. Just facts.

Then the juicy part. Here I can’t just stick to facts, because some form of interpretation is required, but I will try to don’t getting carried away too much.

Sherlock could manipulate Molly into saying these words like he often does with people in order to obtain answers quickly, but instead he asks her to say “I love you” for an important reason that as far as important he can’t still openly explain to her, but please Molly this is not an experiment, of course is not, we are friends, so even if it’s true say it anyway please (six “please” from his part, count them, six, he really asks properly!) A huge, long, time wasting circumlocution. Why? Or he is actually no longer capable to manipulate Molly (like he was able to do in s1), or he doesn’t want to do it. My interpretation is probably both. He is the same man that staged the little horror skit with Mycroft few days before, even if he is no longer the asshole who faked his death in TRF and staged the “huge hound is in the room with you Jonh” in THOB.

Let me also remind you that the second “I love you” is different from the first one and unnecessary.

And finally, let me say that smashing a coffing is time wasting, tiring and hurts a lot your hands and forearms. Sherlock is not dumb, he knows that Molly will understand when he will explain later, so what’s the problem here? He knows her, he knows that she will forgive him and she is safe. So why? Well in my opinion Sherlock is so upset because for him it was, in fact, vivisection. Do with this what you want. He was already in love and didn’t knew? He was hoping to be able to dismiss the whole thing after, but saying out loud that ILY to Molly changed things for him too, and now he can’t pretend anymore? Because that sick game wasted and ruined something precious and intimate to him, a relationship that he never allowed himself to have before? Because now he will be forced to chose between liying to Molly and say that that phone call was just for save her life or admit that it was true? Imo is all of this and probably more.

About the last text from Sherlock, imo it’s for a police officer. He is already solving cases, nothing more.

Molly smiling so much in the end is open to any interpretation you prefer. Knowing Molly as we know her, knowing that Sherlock always changed after any interaction with her, knowing that Sherlock smashed that coffin, you can think that now they are still just friends or something more. For me Molly is really so much into Sherlock that I don’t have any doubt why she is so happy.

Now, about actors and writers… please remember my premise and that when you have actual blanks in the story you must choose how to fill them. They have left blanks, so interpretation matters more than ever here.

It’s fine to have different opinions. This is mine, only one of many others. Go make yours.


Shinjuku by Joey

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Hiya! I just wanted to say, I absolutely adore Rythlen! Such a strong and beautiful character! :) Out of curiosity, who are your other canon Dragon Age protagonists?

Thank you ;v; ♥

Cel’s new, but she’ll be my Inquisitor going forward. 

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Is that Voltron show queerbaiting?

mm personally i say no,compared to other shows i’ve watched with queer baiting voltron does a good job at just focusing on the action.There hasn’t even been any romance in it so far (unless u look at shay and hunks relationship romantically)

The only thing more nerve-wrecking than your first date ever...

…is you daughter’s first date ever.

Or in which Kurt helps Tracy get ready and Blaine sulks.

“This is so exciting!”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t listen to your father, he’s being Mr. Sour Pants.”

“You should be, too!”

“Oh, hush!” Kurt scolds his husband while twisting his daughter’s curly hair into a perfect waterfall braid. “This is Tracy’s first date and you should be happy it’s with a gentleman like Christian.”

“How do you know he’s a gentleman? You’ve never met him,” Blaine says.

“Because our first born has very high standards,” Kurt states matter-of-factly. “That’s something you get from Mr. Sour Pants,” he stage-whispers to Tracy, who giggles.

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