â¥: fate

Getting a friend into Fate be like:

Friend: Hey that Fate Zero / Unlimited Blade Works anime was great! Is there any other Fate stuff you recommend?

Me: Oh yeah! You can read the original visual novel.

Friend: Great! Oka-

Me: Actually no you want the updated version of the VN without any of the bad hentai.

Friend: Wait wha-

Me: The sex is the stuff of nightmares. Don’t do it.

Friend: Ok… What about this uh, Fate/Extella game on Steam?

Me: It was kinda mediocre.

Friend: You’ve been playing it nonstop for the last week?

Me: In the last week I have grown weak.

Friend: Ok then what about this Fate Grand Order mobile game thing?

Me: DON’T TOUCH THAT SPARE YOURSELF THE PAIN butifyougetintoitmyfriendIDis 355569871

Friend: …Why did you want to get me into this series again?

Me as I grab their shoulders, put my face inches from theirs, tears welling up in my blackened, lifeless eyes: It’s so lonely here in hell.


The Clarent - Blood of Arthur

3d modeled and printed by me, finished with automotive paints. Added a special colorshift pigment to the blade. It changes colors from teal to blue to purple. Check my etsy store for Stl files. www.Etsy.com/gsprops