I’m kinda annoyed at how exiling the Wardens in Inquisition was phrased. The choice said ‘exile Wardens from Orlais’ ORLAIS. Reminder: Exile from ORLAIS. I figured that at least they’d be able to go to Amaranthine or something. But then my quizzy opens her mouth and banishes them from SOUTHERN THEDAS. Meanwhile on the other side of the screen I’m just staring with my mouth wide open because ORLAIS does not count as ALL OF FREAKING SOUTHERN THEDAS. Am I stupid or did other people pick up on that?



“Tyrconnell was a busy port in pioneer days. The first settlers arrived around 1809…In 1861 a 500 X 30 foot pier was constructed out into the lake to accommodate larger ships. (The remains of the pier can be seen in the photos) In the 1850’s the railway age began. Eventually Port Stanley and Port Burwell (both to the east) got rail service. As with many settlements of this era, the lack of rail service caused a steady decline in population.” - Ontario Abandoned Places

My sister found this place when searching for ghost towns. We visited today, and October accompanied me. That giant arch is the remains of the pier! There were cliffs and a rocky beach and we saw a bald eagle! It was an awesome experience!