“Từ khi nào em đẩy tôi ra xa, và chúng ta không còn là chúng ta nữa. Từ khi nào câu hỏi mọc lên không còn chỗ chứa, và tôi mệt mỏi giữ chúng lặng im. Tôi nhìn những vết đinh ghim, còn sót lại sau dãy ảnh hạnh phúc. Tôi đã gặp và yêu em đúng lúc, còn em kết thúc chỉ có một mình. Nếu tình yêu là cuộc viễn chinh, em đã chiến thắng còn tôi có tất cả mà tay trắng cô đơn.”

(“Và để cơn mưa nằm yên” - Zelda)

#CHIÊU Thành phố này ồn ã quá, anh à.

Signs watching the presidential debate

Aries: Isn’t - literally just looking up memes ABOUT the debate

Taurus: *passionately supports bernie to the bitter end*

Gemini: hahaha idk they both fake as fuck america’s screwed

Cancer: “….did trump even answer the questions or did he just-”

Leo: is the one MAKING the memes about the debate

Virgo: “I’m literally only watching this bc my teacher said she’d give me extra credit if i could write a half-page summary on this”

Libra: “mexico’s ass isn’t paying for a damn wall fuq u mean trump”

Scorpio: “the way trump answered his questions are the way i answer online writing assignments when they’re due in like 2 minutes”

Sagittarius: “Where were all u bernie fans when he needed you most”

Capricorn: “Ok but if i bribed the government with enough money maybe we can make obama president for life ??????”

Aquarius: “this is why we can’t have nice things”

Pisces: *laughs, but starts crying after realizing that one of these two candidates would become the next leader of america*


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Los signos como libros
  • Aries: La maldición de los dain
  • Tauro: Las recetas de la abuela
  • Geminis: El hogar de Miss Peregrine para niños peculiares
  • Cancer: ¿Y si quedamos como amigos?
  • Leo: Revista de modas
  • Virgo: El diario de Ana Frank
  • Libra: Mi corazón en los días gises
  • Escorpio: 50 Sombras de grey
  • Sagitario: Divergente
  • Capricornio: La ladrona de libros
  • Acuario: Stars Wars
  • Piscis: Bajo la misma estrella
the signs as road rage.

aries: *$100000 in the swear jar*

taurus: *horn honking so loud youre will be left deafened*



leo: *may smash a window or two of anyone near them*

virgo: “okay, i have to be at this meeting in 20 minutes that means if y’all dont HURRY THE FUCK UP Y’ALL GONNA GET CUT!”

libra: *turns to person in car next to them* “wanna grab a coffee?”

scorpio: *yells violently at GPS* 

sagittarius: *takes out crowbar* *smiles*

capricorn: *dances on top of their car as distraction*

aquarius: *writes a poem about the situation* *clears throat* *SCREAMS THE POEM AT THE TRAFFIC*

pisces: “dearest everyone else in this situation, I BLAME CAPRICORN”

Los signos en una pelicula de terror

Aries: El primero en morir

Tauro: El unico que vive

Geminis: El asesino

Cancer: El que dice ‘’hola, hay alguien ahí?

Leo: El unico que pelea y luego se muere

Virgo: El que se sacrifica

Libra: El que dice ‘’mantengan la calma’’ y es el que mas miedo tiene

Escorpio: El que corre por todo

Sagitario: El ayudante del asesino en secreto

Capricornio: El que menos miedo tiene

Acuario: El inutil

Pisicis: El que grita por todo


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