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Kesha is out here releasing the best songs of the year that not only show her amazing vocal abilities but also have different styles of music and she released a music video with each song she has released so far. It’s been 5 years since her last solo album and after all she’s been through she came back to slay but y’all don’t pay attention to her. You need to go buy her music, stream it, watch her videos and spread the word about this wonderful soul that deserves all the best.

hAHHA LMFAO WTF apparently mike pence wrote an article in the 90s that mulan was ‘liberal’ propaganda about women in the military. why are people so stupid lkfjghdlkfghdflkgjh

ihadtotypesomething  asked:

Does Denny's have feelings?

Of course. Just because we are a restaurant doesn’t mean that we don’t feel. We pour our hearts out for you on tumblr and we pour our syrup out for you when you visit.


growing up with siblings

50% of lesbian tumblr is gays talking abt how much they love their gfs and the other 50% is gays talking abt how badly they want a gf and i just think it’s beautiful….we r all gay

If you’re nervous about the upcoming solar eclipse, that’s okay!  No one is forcing you to take part. If you want to stay inside and just read a magazine or pet your dog, that is completely fine.  It is perfectly reasonable to be a tiny bit frightened or anxious about it. It’s a big event, and not everyone is eager to go outside and partake. What’s important is that you are comfortable. You shouldn’t feel pressure to participate in the event if you don’t want to.  It’s really not a big deal and no one will mind if you don’t want to do it. The decision is completely your own to make.

In fact instead of watching the emoji movie watch Vinny watching the emoji movie trailer, it’s far more enjoyable and less time consuming