Äá» Äạt Äược tá»i cảnh giá»i của sá»± hoàn thiá»n trong hình ảnh của sehun

im so fucking annoyed some dickhead lost his ring in the river so i was like hey i’ll get it. so i did, and i got attacked by a bunch of frogs and it almost fucking killed me, we barely got out alive. so i say ‘heres your ring, how about a reward’ and he was like ‘what the fuck. fuck you. how dare you ask me for a reward’ LIKE. COME ON. I ALMOST DIED TO FROGS FOR YOUR RING

the way people depict modern fashion sometimes is totally inaccurate so it makes me wonder how many of those “fashion from x decade” things are actually true and not just like completely wrong totally bougie high fashion runway clothes that a normal person never actually wore on their body