Remember When You Hit the Brakes Too Soon (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Prompt: Reader is a nurse practitioner in an ER. A patient of theirs enjoys Taylor Swift just a bit too much.

Summary: Lin tries enjoying tried enjoying a nice day by himself. Of course, something goes a tad bit wrong.

Word Count: 742

Author’s Note: This is literally my first fanfiction ever written. My writing skills have deteriorated. Hopefully, with practice, this will help! :)

Warnings: Mention of blood/hospital, in addition to my horrific writing.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt,” your coworker whispered to you. “[Y/N], you’re needed in room 306. It’s urgent.” he added.

“Thanks for letting me know,” you answered as you quickly concluded a visit with your patient. You then thanked them and headed to room 306.

After hustling from one end of the floor to the other, you knocked on the door of room 306. Popping your head in, you caught a glimpse of a man with two wads of bloody tissues shoved inside his nostrils. His shirt was bloody as well. He was pretty cute, despite the whole serial-killer vibe he had going on.

You walked in and smiled at the man that sat on the exam table. “Hello, I’m [Y/N]. I’ll be your caretaker for today,” you informed him as you walked over to him, reaching for some gauze.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda,” said the man, his words slurred from what sounded like a clogged nose. He held out a red-stained hand.

You chuckled. “I’ll get back to that handshake once you’re fixed up. Now, Mr. Miranda, take some of this gauze and hold it just below your nose. I just need to examine it nice and quickly, and I’m fairly sure that you wouldn’t prefer any more blood on that nice shirt of yours,” you proposed, carefully removing the tissue wads from his enlarged nose.

“Mhm,” he added, as his tissue-dams seemed to limit his speech.

After delicately and thoroughly feeling the swollen area, you nodded. “So, it isn’t too bad,” you posted, sitting on the swivel chair in the room. “Could’ve been worse. Your nose is, for sure, broken. The blood flow has stopped, and you seem to be easily breathing through both nostrils.” The patient nodded as you continued. “It won’t require surgery, though icing the swollen areas and scheduling a follow-up appointment would be recommended. It ought to heal by itself, but another check up in a few days wouldn’t hurt.”

Lin-Manuel nodded. “So,” he sniffed, “does another visit mean I’ll get to see you again?”

Flattered and amused, you answered, “Technically, I can’t guarantee that. But I think I can make it happen if I get to hear the story,” you chuckled.

He raised an eyebrow and laughed. “Alright, sounds like a plan. So, let me start off at the beginning of my day,” he began. “I wake up, ready to have this awesome day. And by that, I mean really awesome. I was going to go downtown, wander over to some over-priced restaurant and have coffee and read the paper, take a look over the marina, and head back home,” you nodded, as if to say ‘go on’. “So that’s exactly what I did! I was all giddy and I hop right in my car. My giddiness follows me all the way home as I rock out to some Taylor Swift with the windows down and-”

“Wait, wait, wait,” you had him pause. “Taylor Swift?”

He nodded. “What’s wrong with Taylor Swift?”

You smiled. “Nothing, but if it wasn’t from her self-titled album, your day could not have been that great.”

He shot you a smile back, adding, “I was jamming out to ‘Picture to Burn,’ so my day was, in fact, rightfully titled a great day. Anyways, back to the story! I’m driving down a back road, under the speed limit may I add, when a squirrel darts out right in front of my car! I slam on the breaks, my head whacking right into the steering wheel.” He clapped both hands together, representing his head and the steering wheel. “So, next thing you know, I have my lovely shirt shoved into my bloody nostrils because of a furry little demon. Although, I did have T-Swizzle accompanying me on my way to the ER,” he went on to say, laughing embarrassedly.

You laughed a bit too loud, then got a hold of yourself. “That has to be the best nose-breaking-story I have heard in my time as a nurse. I appreciate the story, Mr. Miranda.”

“Call me Lin,” he grinned. “and I look forward to seeing you next visit, [Y/N]. I may then possibly look a bit less like Dexter Morgan.”

“‘Till we meet again, Lin,” you beamed, returning the handshake from earlier, as promised, and lead him out.

‘A broken nose to save a squirrel. Huh.’ you thought in reverie, delighted with your day at work, looking forward to seeing Lin in the following few days.

In episode 6 and Leo walks up to Guang Hong saying that phichit wants them to come to a hot pot restaurant to interpret which made me realize a few things:
1) Leo learned Chinese which is extremely difficult as someone who has attempted to do it before
2) Leo visits China enough to know where Guang Hong goes to get snacks
3) Leo is around Guang Hong enough that phichit texts him to get ahold of the both of them
I choose to believe that Leo learned Chinese for the sake of becoming friends with Guang Hong and maybe Guang Hong also learned English? Maybe they taught each other? What an idea I love the two of them