they asked me

“when will you stop talking about your sickness”

and i told them

“when i stop being sick”

i’ve thought over my complaints

and bitterness towards my illness

ive thought over what i said

and you know what

i dont regret saying it.

Love Scene

Has anyone noticed that this scene:

And this scene:

They take place in the same room. The same room Oswald told Ed that he wished he had someone to share his new life with. And that scene took place in the episode “Anything For You”. You know? The one with the almost kiss?

Also, Oswald’s hair in the “Edward Nygma is totally straight scene” where he’s imagining his best friend seductively singing to him, that’s the same haircut from when Oswald was running for mayor…..the episode when Ed gave Oswald a love riddle….

But it’s probably nothing……


but at least I got you in my head, oh yeah,
at least I got you in my head, in my head…
sleepovers in my bed…