île de gorée


so remember how they cut the best part out of ‘drink with me’?

i took the liberty of fixing that for you, complete with a repeating timelines au in which grantaire knows everyones gonna die every time and cant figure out how to fix it.

Some Enjolras headcanons:

-He cannot stand coffee. He drinks way, way too much of it but thinks it’s disgusting. Usually puts like half a cup of sugar in it.

-Clothing disaster. Owns four copies of the same outfit. Buys t-shirts in packs whenever he needs new ones. The only variation is when he gets gifts from his friends, which he then wears constantly no matter how aweful. No concept of an ironic gift.

-Never sleeps. He has not slept a full 8 hours in so long. Ends up falling asleep in weird places (floors, tables, Jehan).

-Literally attracts dirt? He cannot go anywhere without getting his clothes/general person dirty. All of the jokes have been made. Protests are even worse, he somehow ends up with blood on his clothes at even the most peaceful ones.

-Cold all the time.

-Has a lot? Of feelings? That he is not very good at expressing like a normal human? He gets very intense about things like apologies and gratitude and pep talks. Stares directly into your eyes without blinking, while reciting a passionate speech that sounds like he practiced it. He did.

-When he gives his friends cards for their birthdays he writes extremely heart felt messages all over them that have been known to make people cry. Combeferre has one framed.

-Hugs that are uncomfortably long and tight.

-Usually acts like such a statue that everyone but Courfeyrac and Combeferre are always blindsided when he does something disgustingly sweet and sappy.

-Attends every poetry reading, sports game, and recital that his friends have.

-Constantly gets into fights? Even though he’s a twig that literally anyone could snap in half? Another reason for the bloody clothes.

-Actually one of the youngest of Les Amis! He’s a grade ahead in school, so he went to university not long after his seventeenth birthday.

-Doesn’t make friends very easily. When each new person joined Les Amis he wouldn’t talk directly to them for weeks. Then one day he just sits down and does the uncomfortable eye contact thing and delivers a speech about social change and a better tomorrow and how much their help means to the group. It is the official Enjolras initiation.

-This is because he has no social skills.

-Has never given Grantaire the official welcoming rant. Probably never will.

What I’m getting at here is that the Chief is a living disaster hiding behind a thin vineer of perfect hair and rage.

-Grantaire is the only one who has never noticed what a complete mess Enj is.

every single time enjolras walks in on grantaire when he’s practicing the guitar, R looks up at him, acting all grumpy and says “how do you think you are, barging in on me and my guitar?!?!”

Imagine Grantaire and Enjolras being hopelessly in love with one another. Lazing about on the green grass by Champ de Mars, all Les Amis scattered about on various picnic blankets.

Imagine faces buried in the crooks of neck– a sanctuary from the rest of the world–, imagine fingers carding through blonde and black curls, imagine sweet nothings whispered in ears.

Secretive smiles given easily and widely, no longer gazing at each other longingly from opposite ends of the Musain, which has Courfeyrac tearing his hair out trying to decipher.

Jeers from their friends, but that only makes them smile harder, noses brushing and gazing into each others eyes like the lovesick fools they are– two trees breathing through each other’s spectacles.

Relaxing as the sonder through the green in the bright Winter light while R mumbles Frank O'Hara into Enjolras’s curls and Enjolras just breathes. Smiles. Allows himself these few minutes of peace.

“I look at you,” He recites. “And I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”

Enjolras twisting up to look at him, a knowing smile on his face. “Except the Van Gogh.”

“Except the Van Gogh,” R concedes. “But that’s on the way to The Museum of Fine Art, anyways.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Enjolras will say, reaching his hand up to trace the contours of R’s cheekbones. “So we can go together, when it comes back.”

“It’s a date.”

And the promise- like all of them now- is sealed with a kiss.

R: Sure, okay.

R: To be honest, I’m kind of liking these cheerful asks. Makes me feel better.

R: Phew okay, here we go, there’s a lot of amis.

R: I’ll start with Joly. My favorite thing about him is his caring nature, I think. Sure, he can party with Bossuet and I like forever, but as soon as someone’s had too much or get hurts, he takes amazing care of you. He’s gonna make a great doctor.

R: My favorite thing about Bossuet is his never ending optimism. I swear, that man could fall down a cliff and break ten bones and find some way to make it positive.

R: Jehan has this insane creativity. He’s the kind of person that could make a poem out of paint drying or grass growing or something.

R: Feuilly is one of the single most determined people I’ve ever met. If I’m ever feeling like I have too much work to do, I just remember that Feuilly is working three jobs and does art commissions on the side. It’s insane.

R: Bahorel is one of those people that looks like he could kill you but actually just spent two hours rescuing a litter of kittens from a tree or something. That juxtaposition is my favorite thing about him.

R: My favorite thing about Combeferre would have to be how thoughtful he is. Within that, he’s really witty and always has a comeback at hand. Boy can be real salty, that’s for sure…which is honestly incredibly admirable.

R: *snorts* this is so dumb but my favorite thing about Courfeyrac is this little thing that can’t really be described. Courfeyrac has like this light inside him that makes everyone feel warm. He’s like a pillar. Hah, I could never have that, so I really admire him for it.

R: My favorite thing about Marius, who is one of us thank you, is the fact that he’s a human puppy dog. He just feels everything so intensely, and he’s so genuine. That’s my favorite thing about Marius.

R: And finally Enjolras. I think we all know it’s going to be hard for me to pick a favorite thing about that fucker, but… I think I’ll have to go with his passion. It makes him glow from the inside out, it’s amazing to see. Sure, sometimes it’s a little infuriating when he uses that passion to yell at me, but it’s still my favorite thing about him.

R: …wait maybe it’s his ass.

R: No, I’m just fucking with you, it’s definitely his passion.

Anybody knows who did this? *0* I want to make it as the front cover of my notebook :D

R: Five things that make me happy..? I…guess that would be good to do right now…

R: Okay. Um. First thing is my art, I suppose. Sure it’s my major and my job, but it makes me happy and it’s sort of an escape? Like I have all this control over this world that is entirely mine and my creation…it’s nice. Especially when I usually feel so powerless over my life…

R: Second is… Les Amis. Sure, we may not agree on everything, but they’re family. Bahorel, Joly, Bossuet, Jehan, Combeferre…all of them. We all get each other and we all know we’d do anything for one another. They make me happy.

R: Then comes Éponine and Gavroche. Just like Les Amis, they’re family too. Maybe even closer… Ponine knows everything about me, as you guys saw, and Gav is like a little brother. They and Les Amis are the family that not many of us have. Hah…lots of talk of family right now, huh?

R: Uh, I suppose number four would be dogs. Man…dogs are great. We can all agree with that, can’t we? 

R: And five…

R: Jesus Christ, well you all know anyway, so fuck it.

R: Five would have to be Enjolras. I suppose I can’t bullshit you about him anymore. Sure, when he’s being an arse, it drives me insane and it hurts so I lash out and we…fight, but… *sigh*

R: When he looks over at me and he’s smiling at me..? God, it…it makes everything feel so warm. Like in my whole body. I…I dunno… His eyes are so blue and they shine this beautiful color I’ve never seen before when he’s happy. And his hair is always managing to catch the light, I swear he’s like an angel… a terrifying, righteous angel. I don’t think I’ve ever been so enamored in my life…

R: Ah. But I’m rambling now…

R: Thanks…uh. For having me say all those. It really does help.

  • Enjolras who loves Grantaire back but believes so firmly in equal standing
  • Enjolras who can’t have a relationship with that kind of imbalance
  • Enjolras who’s not a god, Enjolras who’s just a man, Enjolras who believes that Grantaire is just as good as him no matter what he says
  • Enjolras who works and works and works until Grantaire, too, believes they’re equal
  • Enjoltaire that’s an actual healthy relationship, with communication and equal amounts of love on both ends and mutual adoration 
  • Enjoltaire where Grantaire stops worshiping Enjolras and seeing him as a something too good to be human, Enjoltaire where Grantaire knows Enjolras is a flawed human being and still loves him for it

Professorino fesso: - Com’è il passato di find?

Ragazzina ingegnosa: - … footh?

Professorino fesso: ‘Sta parola non esiste, però ora scriviamo alla Oxford University e le chiediamo d’aggiungerla al dizionario, perché mi piace, eh?

Che dite, lo facciamo il circolo dei ripetizionisti anonimi? Io m’iscrivo.

Modern AU where Grantaire watches Grease: Live, and thinks it’s hilarious that Danny Zuko looks so much like Enjolras.

So whenever there’s an awkward pause at a meeting, Grantaire will stand on a table and start singing,


Enjolras just stares at him for a moment and then says, ❝ Grantaire…

And then Grantaire looks him in the eye and says, ❝ Tell me about it… Stud.