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Jack in Prodigy

30 day "Outsiders" challenge

Finally, it’s here. I have a present for you all..

1. Favorite female character
2. Favorite male character
3. Least favorite female character
4. Least favorite male character
5. Favorite scene
6. Ship?
7. A character you wish you could kill
8. A character you wish you could bring back
9. Something you wish would happen
10. Something you wish didn’t happen
11. A character you’d totally jump
12. Saddest scene?
13. If you were a Farrell, what kind of tattoo would you have?
14. Storyline you hated
15. Storyline you loved
16. Favorite quote
17. Would you be a Farrell or townsfolk?
18. Do the Farrell’s have the right to stay on shay?
19. Something you don’t like about Outsiders
20. Favorite twist?
21. Do you think you could survive living on Shay mountain? (No internet, tv, must hunt your own food..)
22. Big F or little F?
23. Would you try Farrell wine?
24. Is Asa truly a “lostie” or does he belong on Shay?
25. Who do you think should be bren'en?
26. If you were a character on the show, who’d be your best friend?
27. Will a Sasil baby bring them together or tear them apart?
28. Do you think Wade’s history with the Farrell’s is more complex than what we know now? Why/how?
29. Favorite cast picture
30. And last, what do you love about Outsiders?