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Can you believe there is only a few day left before Voltron season 2 ???

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

Lemonade: the visual album... LIVE!

Beyoncé released her visual album in April 2016. Below are performances of all of the songs on her sixth consecutive, #1, Grammy award winning album, Lemonade, including appearances at the Country Music Awards to the Grammys. Enjoy <3 

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself 


6 Inch / 6 Inch

Daddy Lessons

Love Drought / Sandcastles


Freedom / Freedom

All Night


VMA 2016 Performance


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The Blue Spirit Theme
  • The Blue Spirit Theme
  • Jeremy Zuckerman
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender OST

Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Blue Spirit Theme

The Jingle Bell Phoenix - Transition
  • The Jingle Bell Phoenix - Transition
  • Fall Out Boy ft. Santa Claus

this is exactly what you think it is (x)
(no copyright infringement intended, rights to the songs stay with their respective owners)

Don't Stop Me Now PMV - Gloomverse
Happy holidays and merry Christmas! Made this for my amazing friend, Rose. No content in this video belongs to me except for the image shown in the end card....

So I made this video for Christmas…

Art by @underlytrashy
My radical broseph

Gloomverse by @loverofpiggies
A radical brotato


Warning: This may brighten your day! =D This is over 10 straight minutes of Jensen Ackles’ glorious laugh. The challenge: See how far you can get though this vid without cracking a smile. Let me know in the tags when you broke :)


Speed Paint of an older Insomnia page. For the peeps who are more curious about how I go about making a page (with more involved backgrounds.)

“Từ khi nào em đẩy tôi ra xa, và chúng ta không còn là chúng ta nữa. Từ khi nào câu hỏi mọc lên không còn chỗ chứa, và tôi mệt mỏi giữ chúng lặng im. Tôi nhìn những vết đinh ghim, còn sót lại sau dãy ảnh hạnh phúc. Tôi đã gặp và yêu em đúng lúc, còn em kết thúc chỉ có một mình. Nếu tình yêu là cuộc viễn chinh, em đã chiến thắng còn tôi có tất cả mà tay trắng cô đơn.”

(“Và để cơn mưa nằm yên” - Zelda)

#CHIÊU Thành phố này ồn ã quá, anh à.

You all really wanted it so I’m getting out early!

As with fizetta which will be here soon too!

Lillie X Moon/Selene-Nightbloomshipping, Oceanflowershipping, Moonlilyshipping
Pokémon Sun/Moon Yuri
Wonderful new take on the series and Lillie has so far proven to be adorable and intriguing through and through
This seems to be canon no matter what gender your character is which brings me such joy 😊
Adobe Illustrator