Imagine going to the Lightman Group and finding out that you are Cal’s child.

“Just cause you think you’re adopted isn’t my problem, love. And I can tell you’re holding something back. So until you want to tell me the truth- the whole truth- then no deal.”

You clenched your jaw as Cal began to walk away from you. He really was going to walk away. “Wait!” you called, your chest constricting. “Dr. Lightman!”

Something in your voice must have tipped him off. He stopped and turned, his brow furrowed in a frown. You curled your fingers into fists, trying to ready yourself. “I… I think you’re my father.” You swallowed, your heart thudding against your ribcage. “I’ve done the research, I checked all the records. I… it makes sense. You knew my mother. My biological mother.”

Cal continued to frown, stepping closer to you. He scrutinized your face. You weren’t lying. At least, you believed what you were saying. “You think you’re my child?”

You fought the urge to wilt under his sharp gaze. It took all of your willpower to keep your voice from shaking. “Yes.”

Gif Credit: Cal

dave strider but like, he knows ballet and like, has rly strong calves and everyones like yo wtf ur legs r so muscular and hes like yup its bc of ballet and then he kicks everyone in the stomach real hard to show his strength but like says april fools after it so like no one can get mad