©: castle

This is a doorway on Castle Wynd, Inverness, behind the Town House and down from the castle itself. It goes into the back of the Highland Council’s offices at the back of the Town House. Scottish Baronial, so I think it is part of an earlier building built at the time of the castle developments, rather than an extension of the Gothic Revival townhouse. 

I think it must be a little bit magical to go to work each morning through a stone arch in a castellated wall… even if the rest of the day is probably admin tasks or something. It looks like it should be the entrance to a clandestine sect’s meeting place in a medieval city, where men in black cloaks slip and masks slip unnoticed down the Wynd and gather to summon the eldritch beings in a candle-lit basement, or perhaps meet to discuss the assassination of their king and replacing him with his cousin, or to form a resistance against the sorceress who has the city in her thrall - or something else that just goes to show that I’m a bit of Catherine Morland (at the end of Northanger Abbey, anyway, because at least I know that real life isn’t half as exciting as my imagination. Maybe it’s not even an entrance at all, maybe it’s a fire exit!).