¡three amigos!

The one thing you dislike about your partner;
  • Caesar: Joseph is just a loud mouth idiot. The question should be, 'what do you like about your partner?'
  • Kakyoin: Jotaro, only in front of me, has this dark/evil sense of sexual humor. And it's annoying sometimes.
  • Okuyasu: Josuke really loves his hair. I mean, it's cool and all but I sometimes think he loves his pompadour more than me.

Mickey Tries To Cook (A Mickey Mouse Cartoon)

- In which Minnie becomes infatuated with José Carioca after being disappointed of Mickey’s lacking a cooking ability. So Mickey attempts to win her back by learning how to cook.

[Part ½]


the north americans: Road Trip Gods.

haha reading how all my North American followers don’t bat an eye at all these long road trips was a bit of a “wtf how the hell do you do this, are you guys human” in the european context. Because people are more used to eurorail and flying. And well, generally not used to driving that far without stopping a lot more often- because Europe is smaller and more densely populated, capital cities are much closer etc.

(oh of course, they’re gonna drop by Spain later to round-off their turkish vacation + “visit the people who were kind of our parents but not really since they were pretty lousy at it” trip)