Satisfied (double audio)
Sia vs Renee Elise Goldsberry
Satisfied (double audio)

LHS: Satisfied - Sia ft Miguel + Queen Latifah, Hamilton Mixtape

RHS: Satisfied - Renee Elise Goldsberry, Hamilton: An American Musical (2015)

(it gets better about 40 seconds in….. just you wait)

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Maybe Maddie is flying out later with sia and tonya? Because tonya said she was going but she's not there.

I have a few assumptions: 1) Maddie was on the flight, we just didn’t see her in the pics. There was a second row of seats so she could have been there or on the toilet etc because David (Sia’s manager) also took a pic in the plane and wasn’t on any of the other pics as well as Tonya. So they could all have been on the other side, we just didn’t see it. Although I do think she or Tonya would have posted something, so I think it’s unlikely. 2) She will take a later flight. We all know she’s super busy, so perhaps she was still working on a job and decided to take a later flight, she still has enough time to get there, it would just be a bit stressful for her with jetlag etc, but it’s a very likely option. Also yes, Tonya could also still be in LA and Maddie and her will both take a later flight together. 3) She is not going. This would be sad, of course, but not that sad. Because a few weeks back they posted that they would go, so Maddie planned to go and didn’t have a conflict back then. Last week they had reheasals/visual filming so she is involved in it in some way. So if she isn’t going it’s because she has a conflict. And since performing with Sia is her favourite thing to do, and I’d say Dubai is a big plus and she planned to go it means whatever came between that has to be something big/important, something worth missing this great opportunity to perform in Dubai. So if she’s not going it means she has something much bigger happening here, otherwise I’m sure she would go no matter what since going there doesn’t take that much time and is her favourite thing to do and she made clear she only does what makes her happy, so I think either way it’s going to be great! :) 


It was a big night for LGBTQ awareness at this year’s ARIA Awards

Troye Sivan dedicated his first ARIA win for Song Of The Year to “every LGBTQ kid in Australia”. 

Sivan, renowned for his efforts to represent LGBTQ relationships in his music videos, used the stage to instil hope in the country’s LGBTQ youth.

Sia, who took home Best Female Artist of the Year, nominated Australian Marriage Equality Campaign Ambassador Angie Greene to accept the award on her behalf. 

“This award is for every single non-hetero and gender diverse person who can currently not marry the person that they love in this country,” Greene said.

Greene also urged Australia to take a step in the right direction, “You have the opportunity now to not just do a great thing but to do the right thing”.

After Greene accepted the award, the campaign’s founder, Joshua Sasse and fiancé Kylie Minogue took to the stage, also wearing Say I Do Down Under shirts.

“This is more than just a movement, this is people’s lives and we want to say to every single member of the LGBT community: ‘You are not alone. You have a voice’,” the British actor told the crowd.

Non ho voglia
di confondermi i pensieri
per qualcuno che non sia tu.
Non ho voglia di altre braccia,
o di altri sguardi
- anche se sinceri -
Non ho voglia
di perdermi in occhi non tuoi
e di assaggiare labbra che non appartengano a te.
Non ho voglia
di perderti e cercarti nei sorrisi degli altri,
che, com'è che dicono? 
«Non sorridono mai come te.»