Shut Up And Dance With Me

Stiles finds inspiration in an unexpected place that helps him finally make a move on Derek at their Senior Prom.

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This was it, his last chance; it was now, or never.

“Come on, Stilinski. Come on, come one, come on! Just nut up and do it already,” Stiles admonished himself under his breath as he paced absently near the DJ table in the corner of the gymnasium where Beacon Hills High Senior Prom was in full swing. Stiles was barely aware of the crappy pop music playing from the huge speakers, or the twinkling lights that were zig-zagged across the ceiling mimicking the night sky.

The borderline over-the-top Paris theme that Lydia had insisted on was all but lost on him, though it was hard to ignore the perfectly scaled, light-up model of the Eiffel Tower that Lydia strong-armed the theater department into building for the occasion. He had spent more time than he cared to admit over the last two months helping her plan the decorations and the color scheme and the theme. The only thing keeping him from dying of boredom had been that Lydia’s idea of help amounted to not much more than nodding and telling her she was right.

“Dammit, Stiles, just–” he stopped in the middle of yelling at himself again, hands in mid air, made speechless by the sight of Derek laughing easily, head thrown back slightly and mouth drawn in a wide grin. Stiles felt his breath catch in his throat.  God, he’s so beautiful.

It had seemed like a great idea, all of them coming to prom together; the reality of it was actually torture, with Stiles and Derek the only ones not part of a couple, and Stiles pining pathetically and reading too much into every shared glance and eyeroll at their friends’ antics, every brush of their knees or shoulders or hands in the back of the limo Lydia insisted on, or at the table they’d all claimed as theirs.

“Careful, sweetie, you’ll start drooling,” Lydia said, pushing Stiles’ jaw shut with one perfectly manicured finger.

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anonymous asked:

high school au where cassian keeps tryin to ask bodhi to prom but bodhi isn't getting the hints so he's just realy confused all the time so eventually cassian just sorta kisses him and explicitly asks him to go to prom and so of course bodhi says yes and they go to prom and slow dance and shit

Bodhi looks so surprised after the kiss and Cassian apologises because he thinks maybe Bodhi doesn’t like him back but Bodhi is just so surprised. he hadn’t even considered the possibility that Cassian liked him as more than a friend and he’s been crushing on him ages and suddenly he has all the feelings and can’t express them so just ends up making out with him for a solid minute. at prom they wear coordinated blue tuxedos and never leave each other’s sides.



                                                                          - OR DO YOU WANNA DANCE?