Time to float (Pennywise x reader)

Requested: Yes.  

Could you maybe do a Pennywise x Reader where Pennywise feels that he is going to sleep soon and doesn’t want to wake up without her? So despite her Not wanting it, he chooses to send her Flying for the 27 years so she doesn’t age and he can wake her up when he is back? Of course it’s fine if you don’t want to! Have a great day!

Warnings: I don’t think there is any.

Word count: 1,103

A/N: It’s a bit short and I’m a bit rusty sorry if it sucks.

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Trying Something New

A/N: Hey guys! I haven’t uploaded an imagine in a while but tbh I’m so fucking busy it’s driving me mad.

Warnings: smut, kinda (male masturbation, Stiles has an overly active imagination 😉), mentions of blood if that kinda stuff creeps you out (not anything major)

Pairings: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Words: 1500 ish


By the time Stiles finally drags himself back to his dorm, the sun is slowly rising and his hair is starting to stink with drying slime from the Kanima (most likely) blood that he’s had the unfortunate displeasure of coming across.

Honestly, he thought that when he went to collage he would finally be away from it all, finally be safe. God knows that he’s put his dad through enough stress with all the shit he and Scott pulled.

The guilt gnaws at his insides at night.

It seems like all this shit just keeps following him around. Not that he’s complaining or anything, but it’d be nice if the monsters were a bit more considerate of Stiles’ upcoming exams.

So, all things considered, seeing his roommate, (Y/N), up at the ungodly hour of fuck-that-o'clock making pancakes naked in the kitchen is probably number 12 on the list of Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week. (Y/N)’s got her back to him and in the low light of morning, he can only just make out her soft curves and smooth skin.

“Um,” he says, sounding a like a fucking moron who can’t pull four words together to ask *‘what are you doing?’* Luckily for him, his roommate turns around and saves him the trouble.

And suddenly, this entire thing goes up a few spots on the Weird Shit That Only Stiles Has To Deal With This Week list because (Y/N)’s not naked. She’s got a scarf wrapped around her neck that only just covers her chest bits and a - ridiculously tiny, *oh good lord* - pair of black panties on that makes her ass look absolutely. In a second he realizes that the scarf is the one he asked his dad to send over last month.

And oh, *oh* doesn’t that just make whatever blood Stiles still has in his head go south. Because it’s *(Y/N)* and she’s got his scarf sitting atop her bare chest, the only thing shielding his eyes from the glorious view of her naked body.

He feels weirdly possessive.

Stiles very pointedly shoves those thoughts down along with any other inappropriate images that his mind tries to conjure up. It’s a failed attempt.

“Are those pancakes?” He eventually finds the mental capacity to ask, because now that his upstairs brain’s caught up with the situation, this doesn’t seem that odd compared to all the shit (Y/N)’s pulled in the past. The girl in question nods as Stiles continues to stand in the middle of the kitchen instead of getting the fuck out of there.

“They’re shaped like Mickey Mouseâ„¢,” She informs him and Stiles tries not to be jealous when she flips a pancake and it lands back in the pan, and not on the ceiling. “You want?”

“Pass.” He says, knowing full well that the Kanima blood was drying and if she noticed he’d have some explaining to do. He pointedly tells himself that he’s not running away to hide the tent that he’s now sporting in his jeans. “What are your wearing?” And then something else occurs to him. “Did you just say ‘™’?”

(Y/N) shrugs. “It’s laundry day.” She says lightly, her full attention turned to the pancakes now. “Gotta get it all done. Hope you don’t mind. I stole your scarf.”

Her saying it so casually makes Stiles fell scarily possessive, and his brain is already thinking of the best way to get out of this situation right now. “Keep it.” He says, and clears his throat because his voice is suddenly deep and raspy. “It looks better on you.”

(Y/N) looks at him, as if she knows all the filthy little thoughts running through his head, before putting the pan on a cold plate and walking over to him. It takes a great deal of effort for Stiles to maintain eye contact.

“Really?” She quirks a brow. Now, she’s standing right in front of him, so close that he can see the gorgeous tint of her eyes, can smell the remnants of perfume and vanilla extract on her skin. Stiles gulps. “Honestly Stiles. You put your dad through all the trouble of sending it over only to give it to your roommate so carelessly?”

He should look away. He wants to, because he knows (Y/N), knows that she doesn’t do relationships and loves to play games and, if her screams at night are anything to go by, loves to fuck hard and wild until she can’t walk properly the next day. He should walk the fuck away because he knows that if he does, (Y/N) won’t try it again.

But right now, all he wants to do is fuck her senseless, preferably tied to the bed with that damned scarf.

“Umm,” is what he stupidly replies with instead. (Y/N) raises a brow, but Stiles can’t worry about that because she’s got *hands* and suddenly those hands are being placed delicately on Stiles’ shoulders so that her thumb grazes gently over the dip of his collar bone.

He stares at her for a moment, and Stiles quickly realized he could do it forever. She’s so beautiful, she doesn’t even know it. The set of her bright eyes, the smell of her body, that shade of her skin that Stiles could spend years looking for but never actually match, the way her nose fits perfectly onto her face, the arch of her brows and swell of her lips; it drives him mad.

But then those gorgeous eyes are filling with surprise and she’s laughing slightly when she asks him: “Why is your shirt wet?” Suddenly, Stiles is reminded of the reason he’d come back late in the first place, of the blood and gore and *danger* that seems to come along with his life, and he can’t help this primal instinct within him that begs Stiles to *protect* and *fortify* and he knows it. Stiles knows he just can’t.

Even if it was just for one night, he can’t drag her into the hell hole that is his life.

“I need a shower.” He says and pulls away and it takes everything inside of him to ignore the hurt look on her face as he does.

He practically runs to the bathroom, not even bothering to strip down before he stands under the harsh spray. The water’s freezing cold and it turns his face red, but Stiles knows that blood washes off better this way (he also acknowledges that it’s a fucked up thing to know) and honestly, he needs it.

It takes a full five minutes under the freezing spray before Stiles actually strips down. He piles his dirty clothes in the corner and knows that those jeans are probably ruined. As he turns the heat up, Stiles closes his eyes, enjoying the way the water feels cascading down his sore and taut muscles.

And for a moment, just a moment, he allows himself to picture what it would feel like to have (Y/N) in there with him.

It’s wrong, he knows it is, but Stiles can’t stop the thoughts from entering his mind. She’d come in after him, the thinks. Probably when he was just about to step out. He can imagine the way she would look through the frosted glass, the way he would see her delicate hands pull the clothes off her body. He imagines her, finally pulling the shower door open and standing before him, as bare as the day she was born.

Stiles reaches bewteen his legs and strokes his length swiftly, unsuprised to find that he’s already hard. He goes back to the images he’s created in his head. Pictures the way (Y/N) would smirk at the flustered and confused look on his face, and - no.

In his head, this isn’t the first time they’re doing this. In his head, she walks forward with a smile, the genuine kind she gives when she’s high or when Stiles tells a dumb joke. She wouldn’t even wait for him, she’d just step forward, wrapping her arms around his shoulders - Stiles pictures the way she had done it moments before - and joining him under the warm water.

He pictures the way the water starts to wet her hair and face, pictures the droplets running down her body. He squeezes himself at the base. He imagines the way her soft skin would feel under his touch, hears her soft gasps and quiet moans as he dips a hand between her legs. Stiles strokes his dick faster, picturing the look of ecstasy on her face when he slides his fingers into her wet opening. His hand’s moving fast now as he imagines pulling away and silencing her moan of disapproval with a kiss as he slides his length into her cunt.

Stiles gasps slightly as he pictures how she would feel around his dick. He hears her moaning gasps as he slides into her, presses love bites to her neck and breasts and she pants and screams and finally, *finally* Stiles is the one making her do so instead of all those guys she brings home. He feels the way her legs would tremble and her body shake as he reaches between them to press a thumb to her clit, he pictures the way she could clench around him as she comes, gripping onto his shoulders and moaning into his ear and -

Stiles almost let’s his shout slip as he comes in his hand.

It takes him a long while to gather himself. He takes deep breaths and tries to fight away the guilt at what he just did. (Y/N)’s his friend and he’s an ass for thinking about her like that, but goddamn* the way she looked and spoke and laughed - it all made Stiles’ head spin.

It is with a belated sense of worry that he realised he’s fallen for her.

Little Angel

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 102

Parings: Baby!Cas x Reader

Warnings: sadness and fluff Â

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. Please Support My Blog.

Walking home from work you heard a tiny sound in an alley way. It sounded like a baby and your heart clenched as you followed the sound. There he was a little angel baby in a box. You could see angels wings so you knew he was one. The thought of some angel dickhead leaving this precious little one out in the elements was gut wrenching.

You scoop up the little angel smiling as he curled into you clutching your jacket.

”Shh little one its alright. I’m here now I’ll be your mommy.” You soothed the boy as you carried him home.

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Ben En zayıf olduğum yerden Sınanmış,
En hassas olduğum yerden, Vurulmuşum.
Hangi yanımdan yara alsam
O yanımdan, Ağrımışım.

Taşıyamam, Zannettiklerimi taşımış,
Taşırım zannettiklerimin, Altında kalmışım.
İçimdeki Ummânı, önce Sızdırmış
Sonra taşırmışım..

Anlamışım ki Dünya âlem perdesinde
Ben de gelip geçici,
Ben de bir gölgeymişim.

Asıldan nasibim var ama, şimdilik

Öyleyse hepsine de  M E N N A ..


Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 203

Parings: Sam x Reader, tiny bit of Dean

Request: @evyiione

Hi! Could you do a prompt with Sam please? Prompt List 1 N. 37 Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!

Prompt: List 1 N. 37 Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!

A/N:Â  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sam was in the library when you came up to him. You’d just gotten back from the doctors. First off you were pregnant but that wasn’t the kicker. The kicker was it was twins and you were already 4 months along. You’d never gotten the morning sickness like most women so you had no idea until you thought you felt movement. That’s when you went to the doctors. You were still in shock and it must have shown.

“(Y/N)?!” Sam jumped out of his chair

“Talk to me baby. Here sit down.” He guides you to a chair.

“What’s wrong?” fear laced his voice. He knew you’d gone to the Docs, now you were here crying. Â

“We’re gonna be parents.” You whisper and he realizes these aren’t bad tears.

“I’m gonna be a dad?!”

You nod and giggle as he kisses you.

“Wait there’s more.”


“We’re having twins!!!!”

Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!

Baby maybe you should sit too.

He does as he shouts for Dean.

“Sammy?! (Y/N)?! Dean rushes in

What’s wrong Sam?

I’m gonna be a dad! We’re having twins!

  Twins? You’re having twins?!

Sam nodded and Dean collapsed.

Guess it was too much for the uncle to be. You giggled

A/N: Not even gonna try with this new update. F-u windows and whatever the hell you did to my copy and paste.


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Bu bahçe, bu nemli toprak, bu yasemin kokusu, bu mehtaplı gece
pırıldamakta devâmedecek ben basıp gidince de,
çünkü o ben gelmeden, ben geldikten sonra da bana bağlı olmadan vardı
ve bende bu aslın sureti çıktı sadece…

« — Paydos… »  — diyecek bize bir gün tabiat anamız, —
            « gülmek, ağlamak bitti çocuğum … » 
Ve tekrar uçsuz bucaksız başlayacak:
             görmeyen, konuşmayan, düşünmeyen hayat…

Ayrılık yaklaşıyor her gün biraz daha,
güzelim dünya elvedâ,
ve merhaba
             k â i n a t …

Nazım Hikmet       

I Want Her P7

I Want Her Masterlist

Author: @riversong-sam
Word Count: 508
Parings: Jensen x Reader
Warnings: character death, memories of kidnapping and assault, angst, comforting!Jensen  
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jensen was shook from his thoughts when you started to whimper and clutch his shirt tighter.

“Shh (Y/N)” he rocks you.

You barely registered Jensen holding you. The memories in your dreams held you too tight.

“No! Please don’t hurt them please.” You cry

“(Y/N)! Wake up!” Jensen was worried now that you started shouting and begging.   

You wake with a start and it takes a moment before you realize where you are. It takes another before you start sobbing and less than that for Jensen to crush you to his chest and let you sob against him.

Jensen looks over to Ryan feeling helpless. Ryan just looks back sadly.

“There’s a bedroom down the hall you can take her to. We’ll be here.”

“Thanks” he picks you up and carries you to the bedroom, lying with you on the bed.

“Please let me help you.” He whispers holding you close.

It takes several minutes before you stop crying, and a while longer after that before you talk to him.

“This man..”

Jensen lightly rubs your back waiting for you. He wasn’t going to push you’d tell him on your own.

“I was just about four weeks after my medical discharge from the marines. I was still recovering from the bullet wound I received my last tour. He was in my home when I got back from physical therapy. My son was..” you start to cry again.

“He was so little Jensen. So little barely two years old.” You cling to his warm embrace and it’s another few minutes before you can speak again.

“My baby was on the floor with my husband. They’d both been shot, execution style once to the back of the head.”

Jensen pulls you closer and you hear him sniff. It’s obvious he’s crying too.  

“I called 911. There was a fight with this man and we were gone before the cops arrived. He held me for a year before Ryan and the rest of my old team were able to find me. He did awful things to me.”

“Why didn’t they just kill him?”

You were surprised by his statement, “I don’t know but I wished they did. He swore he’d escape and come for me.”

“(Y/N) I won’t let him hurt you anymore.”

“Jensen no please you can’t help! I can’t lose you too.”

“(Y/N) I love you. It’s my choice to help.”

You look up at him, “You love me?”

He nods brushing your stray tears away, “I don’t expect you to feel the same, but it doesn’t change my decision.”

“Jensen I care for you deeply. I wouldn’t call it love I’m not quite ready for that yet. But I don’t think I could handle you getting hurt or dead because of me.”


“Jensen please he’s very dangerous. I have the scars to prove it.”


“Ten whipping scars and a few of my stab scars are from him.” you whisper.

Jensen growls lowly and you bury your face in his chest. He’d protect you no matter what.

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Hole In His Heart

Author: @riversong-sam

Word Count: 220

Parings: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: Â angst

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

*Roses are red

Violets are blue

Derek Morgan

I love you.*

It was Valentine’s Day and this was the poem you wrote him. He had come home late after a case to find the table set up all fancy. The house was dark and the only light was the candles on the table. He quietly went in search of you, sure you were asleep as it was late.

The squishing sound as he stepped in your blood is one he’d never forget. He flipped on the bedroom lights to find you in the dress you had worn for this evening and lying in a pool of blood. Your throat had been slit, you hadn’t even had a chance.

After that everything was a blur from calling Hotch to the arriving of the team and police. All he could do was stay there on his knees, crying silently as he started at your lifeless body. The ring in his pocket burning a hole in his soul. You’d never get to know how much he loved you, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

The day of the funeral Derek tucked his own poem into your casket, leaving his heart and soul with you.

*Roses are red

Violets are blue

(Y/N) (Y/L/N)

I love you too* 


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Bee Love

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: Anonymous said:

Hi can u pls do spn cain x fallenangel!reader? Where u r in a state (like crazy castiel) n met cain. U both bond with mutual love of honey n bees. He took care of u n kept u safe from angel n demon alike. Thanks.

Word Count: 346

Parings: Cain x Reader

Warnings: fluff Â

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Cain found you one morning after a huge rainstorm. You were watching his bees. You radiated grace and he knew instantly you were an angel. He had his guard up as he approached nothing good came from those winged asses. Clothed in nothing but a thin dress you didn’t stir as he approached. The bees fascinated you as you watched the flitter about pollinating and such, as was their nature. 

He cleared his throat which startled you slight as you turned to look at him.

Who are you? He asked, And what do you want?

My names (Y/N). you replied turning back to the bees, I like them.

Cain saw you were no threat, in fact you were quite child-like. Some would say crazy.

You like the bees? He sat by you.

You nodded, Yes. I like nature dads greatest gifts.

Cain smiled but stiffened as he caught wind of yet another angel, looking ready to attack you. He felt protective, you were of no harm to anyone as you sat watching his bees. Standing Cain braced for a fight, it was short lived of course as he defeated the threat and ushered you inside his home.  

He drew you a hot bath and left a pair of his sweats and an old tee for when you were finished. Letting you be he went down and made peppermint tea. He was pleasantly surprised when you joined him a short while later in his clothes.

Thank you. You smiled softly

He smiled back, Of course. He gave you your tea and watched you sip it, wondering how long you would stay with him.


Cain and you got closer as the months progressed. There was the occasional trouble from demons and angels alike seeking you out to hurt you, Cain always disposed of them. He kept you safe, clothed and fed. In exchange you cooked and cleaned and helped him with his bees.

Cain found himself falling for you, the fallen angel that just so happened to drop into his field of bees one crisp autumn morning.

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