Imagine Mab practically hammering down your door one night, demanding to know where Sage is. Having the Winter Queen storm into your home isn’t exactly new to you, but the fact that she didn’t even wait until the sun was up, and the fact that you had thought Sage was back in Faery for the past week, make you uneasy. 

You’d been sitting up watching the news reports on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests when Mab decided to barge in, and as you’re desperately trying to explain that you don’t know where Sage is, she towers over you, nostrils flared, and demands, “Then who is that?!”

You turn to follow the finger she jabs at the TV, and feel your jaw drop to see, standing completely at ease in a sea of protesting humans, Sage, sporting a beanie emblazoned with “I Stand with Standing Rock”, pulled down over his pointed ears. 

When he returns home the following day, you and Mab both let him have an earful. Mab is furious that he ran off to “play savior with some human rabble” while you’re pissed that he didn’t take you with him. He ignores Mab, and gives you the beanie. 

Gifset/Fanfic request

Someone should make a gifset/fanfic of Shado’s twin sister as Ghost Fox Killer, where she gets a redemption arc through Laurel, and changes her name to Ghost Fox Goddess, because her dad, Yao Fei, and twin sister, Shado, never wanted a dark path for her. Shado’s twin sister, Ghost Fox Goddess, watches Laurel save Sara’s soul, and it’s the Lance sisters who restore her faith in humanity. Ghost Fox Goddess teams up with Laurel to catch the “evil” men (and women) and put them in jail, because she vows to never kill again (and doesn’t break her rule like Oliver does).

*Like, I want to read an entire book, guys, of this, and I’m just too lazy to write it. (lol)

**Otherwise, I am more than willing to settle for a good gifset, so I can pretend this is canon. (lol)

Vitality finding Fear after Uthvir dies @feynites


Abominations die, she knows.

Sometimes their lives too overwhelming, sometimes they misstep, sometimes the wrong people find out. She has seen it happen time and time again.

It is no surprise when she finds the little spirt of Fear cowering in her corner of the fade, grasping at fragments of themselves. It is not so different than caring for a new born spirit as she and Vitality both nurse them, and put them back together. Help them retain their sense of self, so they do not corrupt further. When Fear leaves her care for Uthvir once again, it is a good reminder for her.

People die.

Abominations die.

Monsters do not.