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Arrow Fic: Bitches Getting Stuff Done 1/1

Bitches Getting Stuff Done
Set post-4x12; no spoilers for future eps.
Inspired by a thought I had after last night’s ep.  Thanks to @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline for reading this over and cheering me on!


Dinah had worked in teams and with partners.  She had worked with women before, too.  And speaking not just about herself, female cops?  They were the ones with the reputation.  The ones that everyone, from low-level toughs to big bads, knew not to mess with.  

But she was still pretty shocked to realize that tonight, she was here to be the buffer.  To play the good cop.  Because who would think the girly-pretty blonde tech genius and the brunette former party girl/current mayoral chief of staff would be playing so close to the edge?

Maybe it had something to do with the fourth woman, the woman they were here to deal with tonight.  The woman currently zip-tied to a chair in the middle of this dingy, cold warehouse.  

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