Heroes & Villains‏Hilarious! @MingNa & @IMBrettDalton took a red eye flight to meet fans at #FFChicago & are extra silly behind the scenes with @ChloeBennet4!


@heroesfanfest: Hilarious! @mingna_wen, and @imbrettdalton took a red eye to come meet fans at #FFChicago, and are extra silly behind the scenes with @chloebennet! (x)

Imagine Dio’s remains being collected after the end of Stardust Crusaders. Imagine, after the dawn turns them to ashes, they’re taken because Joseph and Jotaro know the body he took belonged to Jonathan and they wouldn’t have wanted to just leave them in the sand knowing who their original, rightful owner was. So they collect the ashes and have them stored in an urn–engraved “Jonathan Joestar”, the body Dio stole and defiled finally reclaimed.

It’s Joseph who suggests taking it back to England to bury it with his Granny Erina; blinking away tears as he remembers how dearly she missed him even as she lay dying, herself, all he can think of is that’s what she would have wanted.

The funeral is a very small, quiet affair, with just a few of Jonathan’s closest living family members in attendance: Joseph, Suzi Q, Holly (Sadao is still on tour but he sends his regards–Joseph is less than thrilled and Lord knows he’s still seething about this) and Jotaro, and the Anglican minister presiding over the burial. Everyone lingers for a bit, Joseph only leaving at Suzi Q’s insistence, Jotaro himself wondering if he should leave to give his Jiji some space when he hears Joseph walking away with Holly and Suzi Q.

Jotaro is alone at his ancestors’ grave, now, quietly reflecting on the one hundred years of turmoil the Joestar bloodline has endured that’s finally come to an end. His eyes linger, however, on a name engraved on the Joestar family tombstone; after George and Mary, after Jonathan and Erina, before George II and Elizabeth…


Dio’s name, engraved a hundred years prior with Jonathan’s, because that’s what Jonathan would have wanted. Dio, because Erina saw the love Jonathan still had for his brother in the way he cradled him in his arms, in the way he gazed at him and muttered about their bizarre friendship, even as he bled out from the neck wounds Dio inflicted on him. Dio, even though Erina had to force back bile as she requested his name also be engraved on the Joestar tombstone, even though she afterwards wanted to scream and cry and hit something because she was honoring her husband’s murderer, but she did it anyway because she knew that’s what Jonathan would have wanted.

Were it not for the others buried and honored at that gravesite, Jotaro would have considered spitting on his name.