• [history course mate and i are casually chatting about harry potter]
  • him: ah yes, and the snitch, the one that wins you the game-
  • me: the snitch doesn’t win you the game.
  • him: /obviously/ it /does/.
  • me: /obviously/ it /doesn’t/. it wins you 150 points and ends the game which often leads to a victory but in /no way guarantees/ it. how else d’you think viktor krum caught the snitch, but ireland won the world cup in the 1994 world cup finale?
  • him: ...

Thiefshipping….ON ICE!!!

A birthday present to Littlekuriboh! :D

Bakura: Marik, how does competing in ice skating brings us closer in ruling the world?

Marik: Think of the fans, Bakura! We’ll be making quadruple the fangirls if we do! We’ll make history, Bakura! We were BORN to make History! >:D


Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!