“Yirmili yaşlarında gergin, mutsuz bir adamdı. Kendi iç sesine değil dışarıdan gelen seslere ayarlı yaşıyordu. İç sesine kulak verdiğinde tavırları yadırganıyor, çocukça bulunuyordu. Bazıları onun seyreltilmiş bir deli olduğunu bile düşünüyordu. Otuzlarında evlenmiş, gerçek şeylerin yükünü eşinin omuzlarına yüklemişti. Ama derin ruhsal çatışmalar devam ediyordu ve bazı takıntılar edinmişti. Kırklı yaşlarında takıntılarını her gün evcil hayvan gibi besleyen, mevsimi geldiğinde reçel yapan, yaşlı kadınlara yardım etmek isteyen, sessiz, sakin bir adam oldu.”

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cute things that the originals do? like things that they notice about each other but keep it lowkey/tease each other about?

Dempsey: Tends to clench his jaws together very harsly, or just bite down on his own teeth for no reason which produces a soft muffled sound. Richtofen of course took quick notice of it and ofently mocks Tank by immitating Tank clenching his jaw like that and biting down on his teeth. Which mostly ends in cute laughs and innocent smiles

Richtofen: Edward is oftenly found smelling the back of his hand, mostly when he’s thinking. The other’s sometimes mirror this action without even knowing they’re doing so

Takeo: Taps his foot fast and repeatedly wheather he’s standing up or sitting down. It tends to annoy Nikolai at some points which the Russian responds to with putting his hand on Tak’s knee and hold his leg still and then softly smile as to not show it was annoying him

Nikolai: Makes the WORSE dad jokes whenever he’s nervous. Everyone is so used to it by now that they led it slide, but oh boy did those jokes cause lots of frustration in the start

((Mod: May or may not be based on my best friend and me, who knows?))



…because people who talk about their dreams are actually trying to tell you things about themselves they’d never admit in normal conversation. It’s a way for people to be honest without telling the truth.
—  Chuck Klosterman, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story.