So this would have looked good if Nicki had been able to draw it and it might have even made sense then BUT what we’ve got going on here is a metaphor hug to a star being which is taking on G.S.’ form due to being a massive star. Let’s just pretend that the comic makes that obvious. 

Seal Girl and Friends, Arc 3, Page 15

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All About Frida Kahlo

This board is dedicated to all things Frida in honor of “Frida Kahlo, Her Photos” a MOLAA exhibition on view from March 15 – June 8. The exhibition presents a selection of 257 photographs divided into six themes: Her parents; The Casa Azul; Her Crippled Body; Frida’s Loves; Photography and Diego’s Gaze. *A lot of the photos and videos on this board are not part of the exhibition. Please note that the images included in “Frida Kahlo, Her Photos” are labeled as such.

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