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Is Vernon with blonde hair? Because his eyebrows on a vlive... no it must have been the light. Or the quality of the image. Ok I'm freaking out. IS HE BLONDE?

LOL YEAH if you check Kero one’s snap story here (Kero one probably didn’t realize the extent of Carats and had to delete it right after because!! spoiler!! alert!!) you’ll see he’s like a level 7-8 blond so he probably toned it a lil more before the shoot and considering that svt hasn’t updated us lately (by 24 hours that’s a long time for carats LOL) they’re probably filming rn


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Joker x Reader Deadly Voice Part 28


Next part is ready - sorry its rather long but I must admit I’m quite proud of the ending so I hope you enjoy it too!

Promise the Joker will eventually return! (sorry there hasn’t been much for a while!)

Let me know what you think - I love hearing from you guys!

Trigger Warning: There is a mention of suicide - its literally just the word and doesn’t go any further than that really but don’t read it if it’ll trigger you please!


When I woke up the next morning, I was staring up at the ceiling. I blinked a few times - not knowing where I was for a moment and could feel my heart pounding before my situation rushed back to me and I calmed slightly. All too soon though the night before came back to me and my heart seemed to skip again. “Oh my god…” I groaned out loud, turning over in my bed and burying my face in the pillow, throwing the little bit of duvet over me that wasn’t in a pile on the floor.

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When asked to help identify “Krista”, Eren, Armin and Mikasa describe her in ways that are perfectly indicative of their personalities and perspectives. It could almost be a tag yourself meme.

Eren reply is, “She’s the smallest one of us”. His focus is entirely singular at this point in the story. It’s Fight the Titans. That’s it. Everything else is background noise. He describes her as the tiniest soldier.

Armin gives the most accurate physical description. “She has long golden hair and… ummm… she’s cute.” His account would be the most helpful to Hange in identifying Krista from the rest of the recruits. 

For Mikasa, it’s Krista’s close relationship with Ymir that stands out because that’s something she 100% gets. She can identify with staying close to the person you hold most dear. The information is totally useless to Hange, who has no idea who Ymir is either, but it’s what matters to Mikasa. It’s what she chooses to share.

If you are current with the manga, this three year old post by @ghostmartyr is one of my favorites in looking how Mikasa totally ships Yumikuri :D