The charming asset of each sign

Aries: Their naughty eyes.

Taurus: Their well drawn body.

Gemini: Their melodious voice.

Cancer: Their perfect hips.

Leo: Their wild hair.

Virgo: Their sexy lips.

Libra: Their cute smile.

Scorpio: Their bewitching gaze.

Sagittarius: Their sublime legs.

Capricorn: Their beautiful face.

Aquarius: Their dream buttocks.

Pisces: Their delicate hands.

You can’t keep looking for approval in all these
Things, people, situations.

You have to look for it in

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Who better to give yourself the right to be you?
Other than you.

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Who better to unlock the door
Who better to pick you up off of the floor
Who better to wipe your eyes and tell you it’s okay
It’s going to be okay.

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No matter what they say.
No matter the day.
No matter that it rained.
No matter the pain.

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Who better to be with you every step of the way?
To be there when you need to escape.

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I know that voice in your head hasn’t always been the best friend
But it’s going to be there until the very end.

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So I suggest you two makeup and start anew
Because the best superhero lies inside of you.

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"El más.. " del Zodiaco

◈El más mandón
-Leo, Tauro, Capricornio, Aries

◈El más romántico
-Piscis, Cáncer, Libra

◈El más gruñón
-Aries, Cáncer

◈El más espontáneo
-LEO, Acuario, Aries

◈El más descarado
-Tauro, Sagitario, Capricornio

◈El más travieso
-Escorpio, Virgo, Aries, Geminis

◈El más serio
-Capricornio, Piscis, Géminis

◈El más malévolo
-Tauro, Leo, Virgo

◈El más soñador
-Acuario, Sagitario, Piscis

◈El más sensible
-Escorpio, Cáncer, Virgo, Piscis

◈El mas dominante
-Tauro, Escorpio, Capricornio, Aries

◈El mas temperamental
-Géminis, Libra, Cáncer, Tauro

◈El más mentiroso

-LEO, Aries, Libra, Tauro

◈ El más caliente

-Escorpio, Sagitario, Aries, Tauro

◈ El más inestable

-Cáncer, Escorpio, Géminis, Piscis

◈El mas infiel

-Piscis, Cáncer, Libra, Escorpio

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Pd: Por favor hagan me saber en que signo me falto enfatizar más ♡
12 MONTHS (Preview)

WARNINGS - This is for the whole series . There will be explicit smut and possible NSFW gifs. And loads of fluff and aftercare  .

A/N- This will a series of 10 parts excluding this preview . This series is based on the movie 9 SONGS . I liked the concept of the movie . And I felt like writing it . It will contain kinks so if you aren’t comfortable please do not read it . I am horrible at putting warning on fics , so if I need to add any please do not hesitate to tell me . 

Taw @supersoldierslover will probably help me out a lot like always , so thank you in advance . You should probably follow her if you aren’t because she is absolutely amazing . 

Each part will have a few different kinks , and a song . 

I am accepting kinks and requests  . So please send in an ask or a request if you want any particular kink that you are interested in so that I can write it for you  .

The POV’s will be changing . A few parts will be in readers POV and a few in Bucky’s . 

PAIRING - Bucky x Reader ( I am most comfortable writing for Bucky so ….)

SUMMARY- Bucky and the reader meet at a concert . The reader is from a different country and has come to America for a 12 month internship . She meets Bucky at a concert . Their relationship lasts for a year , where she lives with him . They test out their limits and sexual desires . Bucky is completely in love but he also knows that what they have will come to an end when she goes back . So this is the journey about how Bucky makes the most of his 12 months with you . 

                                PREVIEW UNDER THE CUT

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My predictions/wishes for The Future, and beyond.

The next episode is nearly upon us, and because like many of us who appreciate and care about Castiel, are casually wandering what is next for him. I want to write about what I wanted to happen. This is a complete gut feeling, mixed with some “research” that I need to do to make some sense so this doesn’t looks like one of my usual ramblings. This is serious, I want this to happen, even if it hurts a little.

First, some context. I just noticed that the first time we meet Cas on “Lazarus Rising” SPN 04x01 , (I personally named it “The First Blind Date”) while been interrogated by Dean, Cas starts to rummaging on a book that I assume Boby brought to the barn for the sigils that they used all over the place. This becomes a kind of trade of Cas when he meets with the boys, or while is questioned about something that he can be completely honest to discuss, he start to check papers of a current case or opens a book like trying to read it, I interpreted this as a kind of gimmick to avoid confrontation.

I know I saw this several times in other scenes, but other concrete episode was the “The Third Man” SPN 06x03 when he is being questioned about Sam’s return from hell and the civil war in heaven. So, my point is, we have come to know the traits of how Lucifer interacts with almost every other character that Mark Pellegrino uses constantly and Misha Collins portrayed very well in every detail.

As research, I review the interaction of Chuck and supposedly Lucifer inside Cas on the bunker in “We happy Few” SPN 11x22. He is holding a book while Chuck tries to start a sort of conversation with him, asking the mandatory questions about how he was and how he had changed. I believe that in this particular scene, Lucifer let Cas talk directly to Chuck, because both felt the same about how he left them. I can’t avoid to think about how in “Dark side of the moon” SPN 05X16, Cas was broken and disappointed with Chuck and the way he talked to him. You can say, maybe later when he brought him back to life he understood that he was making a kind of amendment, and forgave his words. And also is the issue later, when Lucifer is expelled by Amara from Castiel’s vessel, and when Chuck is dying Cas makes no effort on taking care of him or offered any company or assistance.

But this brought me to the prediction/wish that I been cooking lately about the next episode and the rest of the season. I believe that Joshua by Chuck’s orders made him or will upgrade Castiel to an Archangel. I think Chuck saw Castiel in that interaction, and how he stood in front of him without fear and told him in his face “screw you” from Lucifer and the second “screw all of you” from Castiel. Chuck knows that Cas has evolved beyond an Seraphim by his own means and will to serve humanity, it´s most precious creation, that he also learned to love trough Dean Winchester. I think he choose this time as perfect opportunity to give him the chance to stand alone in front of Lucifer and the Nephilim. And also, as you know in Jewish lore Cassiel the angel in which Cas is based was an Archangel.


Now, As I can´t avoid to look through the spoilers , I think this will happen along the next episodes, and “The future” will be the point where Cas decides to accept the actual change from Seraph to Archangel, in order to protect The Winchesters, and to find Kelly and the Nephilim, that I’m not sure if he will end up protecting or have the guts to kill because of this change.

Here comes the “but”. At first you can say its great news for we the fans of Cas and how much we miss to see him with his wings and with full celestial powers . But, I have to remind you how he reacts when he is given power, exactly like Lucifer. Anyone remembers Godstiel? And also the probability that in the process of this significant change that it has to be made to evolve Castiel in to an Archangel, explained by Chuck himself: “stuff of primordial creation” they probably had to reset him to factory settings.

Yes, probably forgetting everything he lived in this past 8 years with Dean and Sam Winchester. Maybe he will remember all but it but with a “different point of view”, as an Archangel, specifically about “humanity”. I hope I’m wrong about this gloomy possibility, and right about the perspective of this mayor evolution for Castiel because of the need fo a matching power against Lucifer. I will love to see him full of grace with all his powers and celestial capabilities like in season 4, and also as a shiper I want to believe that Cas will choose this, and the first thing that he will have in mind when he accept this, will be the possibility of becoming a stronger and better ally in the protection of “humanity” (cleans a little tear of feels about this).

To finish this delirant and desperate “prediction”. I want to believe, (oh X files, you taught me well about paranoia and speculation) that Cas will protect Kelly and Lucifer´s spawn because of “Lilly sunder has some Regrets” SPN 12x10. For the way Cas said: “Ignorance is no excuse” and how bad he felt in being part of the killing of a supposed Nephilim at that time. For this he needs redemption. Thru all the episodes centered on Cas of this season the same doubts and questions are presented about how he looks at himself. Is he an angel of the lord? Part of the Winchester family? A useful tool for his brothers when they need someone who do the job?

 How about Castiel the Archangel decides to ignore, first heaven that sees him as a encarnated blasphemy for his love to “humanity”. Second, he could take some time apart and away from his love for the Winchesters, whom I believe are taking him for granted. And finally he can ignore the ancient beliefs of what exactly an abomination like Lucifer’s child could bring to the world. As it supposedly never happened, how they can be sure that such creature will surely became something evil/negative? Let Castiel the Archangel to decide.