I really want to say thank you guys for your patience and understanding lately. I’ve been  extremely stressed and busy and just my depression’s been kicking me. it’s been hard to get legit threads and stuff here and I keep missing as other Chatzy events happen or they get so big that as I’m considering joining, my anxiety and fears kick in and I have to step back. Being able to do these small, silly chatzy’s with other’s that missed out on the other ones or just didn’t want to do those scenerios has actually helped me bring a lot of peace to my mind and get me in a much better mental place. I used to do these all the time in my old fandom and I got so anxious about them and stepped away and now i’m forever greatful I can do these again during this really stressful time in my life.

Hopefully once I start this new job I’ll be back to normal and I’ll definitely be backing off from as many chatzy’s and Mafia and CAH and what not, but for now, it’s what’s holding me together. Honestly, I’m truly grateful for all of you for understanding, for joining, for reconnecting me, and just everything. From the bottom of my heart, sincerely, Thank you.

kosherfriedchicken  asked:

Did you buy the 20th Anniversary Edition? I hope the Japanese DLC makes it way to North America on February

yeah i took a picture of it when i got it.
i’m pretty sure that the DLCs(clothes, personas..etc.) will be sold on US PSN too, but not the themes and avatars… they even made different ones for digital 20th anniv. version and physical ver.(i purchased mine on amazon and it came with 5 more themes and avatars.) otherwise i really wanna collect all of them. it’s almost impossible to collect all the themes and avatars unless you’re super rich. ( º﹃º )