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  • Me: * Barely able to do the words properly * I'm too stupid for you. I must go so you never find out how dumb I am.

YO–!!  the (not so) infamous JASSPER™ here !! and returning from an awkward hiatus with this blog , BUT HEY! i re-vamped some things on here ready to be a serious blog! ( hopefully ) HERE’S MY FANDOMLESS OC named HIKO!! the queer pink boy who’s DEEP in the closet. but he’s a BIG ass flirt’ so if your muse wants to get hit on or roasted , give this post a REBLOG / LIKE ❤ , and me and hiko’s gay ass will come check your blog out !!

anonymous asked:

the thing with the blockers eyes scares me too!! \(º □ º l|l)/ i don't know exactly what it is about it but it's creepy!!


It’s just creepy.


Okumura Rin ★ | The lil cute Exorcist |
Happy Birthday to my lovely Minnie~ ( @okita-senpai ) ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

ok…. so.. i hit a milestone. one that i literally never thought i would hit again after the successful blog i had way back when 2012 was hippin’ and hoppin’. i’ve had multiple indie accounts; two of which i deleted when i was in the three-hundreds, another i deleted before it even had a chance. and then, in the fall of twenty fifteen, i made this one with the promise that i would not delete this blog no matter what happens. with that said, i did take a mini hiatus somewhere in twenty sixteen due to personal reasons, but since returning i’d like to think that things have been movin’ along swiftly. and as of now, i am at five hundred of you. five hundred little perfect angels follow me and my lil beans. HALF A THOUSAND PEOPLE FOLLOW ME. it’s mind blowing. anways!! enough of me rambling. im gonna go ahead & apologize now if i missed you - i love every single one of my mutuals even if we don’t talk. you all seriously mean the world to me. 

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