Menina confusa, que tropeça em suas próprias palavras, que se entrega com tudo ao um amor de verão, que chora quando esse amor acaba, que sempre ta sorrindo e mostrando seus dentes brilhantes, pisca de uma maneira que seus olhos refletem com a luz do Sol, menina dos cabelos negros, menina doce e sensível que se apega as coisas mais pequenas […]. Ah pequena, por que és tão inocente? Porque deixaste o amor tomar conta do seu coração? Agora está ai, minha pequena, sofrendo por esse sentimento egoísta e fatal […]. Pequena, você tem tanto a aprender, tem tanto a viver, deixe esse sentimento de lado, vá aproveitar a vida, mostre-se que é capaz de mais, mostre-se forte, mesmo que não seja, tente!
Pequena, nada nesse mundo pode abalar esse seu olhar, esse seu sorriso… Vem menina, pule, dance, aproveite a sua vida e deixe o amor pra outra hora, você tem mais é que se amar!
—  Luana K. (mau-romance)

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Why did you tag that sex positivity post with bethyl?

this post will be about ‘girls’ but by that I mean cis, trans girls/women and people who are closer to this gender

I tagged that post with that ship because it applies to it. some shippers of that ship try to normalize the ship by saying that it’s empowering for young girls to see a 17/18 yrs o girl owning her sexuality, sexual life. and this would be true if we wouldn’t talk about a girl who is barely legal on paper. 

that post was mainly about that young people not always can handle sexual situations, or sex itself. just because their body is ‘ready’ or ‘mature’ that doesn’t mean that’s true about their mind too. 

I’m not an expert about the pscychology of sex but consensual sex takes a lot of confidence, maturity to handle if someone doesn’t want to get hurt emotionally.
because think about it; sex is not just about two people letting the other to touch, stimulate their most private parts but about trusting them to not to hurt you emotionally. that they will stop if you tell them, that they will ask you if this and that is okay to do, that you and the other will mind that both of you’re absolute comfortable with the situation. 

when it comes to young people, especially young girls they’re not confident, adult enough to say no. hell even adult women who are 30+ yrs o have hard time to tell their partner what they want or they don’t want. that’s why many of them don’t reach orgasm. or in young girls’ cases their first few times are traumatic. 

it’s not about that a 17/18 yrs o girl shouldn’t explore her sexuality. it’s about that this shouldn’t happen with a 40-45 yrs o man. because even if the first sexual encounters happen between two people who are the same age, one of them still can pressure the other into something they might don’t want and since they’re not confident enough to say no they can really easily get hurt.

*** below from this point I got carried away sorry :P

the main problem with this ship is that this is a bad representation. not the young girl character, the ship. this ship romanticize, normalize a relationship between a girl who is barely legal on PAPER and between a real adult.
these kind of relationships usually don’t work out well in reality while on TV these seems ‘right’ because they’re written but not based on reality.
to this many will say ‘I know this and this person and they’re happy together despite the big age difference’ and etc but they don’t realise that a few case don’t prove their right. 

when an adult man wants to be in a relationship with a much younger girl they do it mostly because they know (consciously or not) that in that relationship they would be in charge because the ‘older’ and ‘younger’ roles are present. that way they can convince or pressure young girls more easily into things they want, like sex even if the girl is not ready mentally. 
while if they would be with an adult woman (mentally adult, not just on paper) their case would be much harder because they would get questioned.

and an adult, mature man shouldn’t even seek the romance from a much younger girl because their life are not in the same stage and therefore their desires about life are too different. 
even more let’s say the adult man doesn’t want kids, or marriage supports the young girl to finish their education and their goals are not too different; even in that case the way of their thinking are just too different and that will lead to too many arguments. and that leads to an unhealthy relationship. 

so all in all this ship is not and had never been and never will be the correct reflection of reality when it comes to relationships between adult, mature man and much younger girls. 

Kapag may sinabihan ka ng "I love you" at gustong umangal,

Sabihin mo na “Huwag kang umangal. You’re just an object to my sentence. Wala kang magagawa because you’re just an object. Gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong sentence.”