© Laura Zalenga

Bright evening with a beautiful moon-rise in Lecce.
This was just after I had the last one-on-one shooting of my workshop. I took some minutes to capture the moment of walking back through the fields. It already smelled like summer and I was happy and so tired after that busy day.
A moment of just being there and enjoying the moment. Often I hear the click of my camera and just don’t really move for some more minutes and just watch.


tree-home by Laura 


Untitled by Laura

Again and again I notice how I see people through completely different eyes when I photograph them. Even people I have known for years. As soon as I look at their face through my camera I analyse it on a whole different level. It’s crazy how many things like emotions and memories blend into the way we see a person. How we don’t see ‘flaws’ if we like them and how we don’t see beauty if we don’t like them… It’s fascinating how our heart tricks our eyes.


constellation by Laura

Sometimes I miss the old times when tried out a lot more things - when I was still light-footed. That’s something I really admire about a lot of photographers who are just starting out. Their technic might not be good by now but their ideas are so free. Too many of those who’s work I follow for years (definitely including myself here!) seem to lose that freedom and tend to do the same thing most of the time.
It feels so similar to growing up - losing that unique, free way of thinking we had when we were children.

So here I am posting a quite old photo that reminds me of how free my ideas where years ago. I will try to find ways to return to that. Any advice how to get there is very welcome.