The best thing about living in the state of Florida

  • Impending death and mass destruction is worth celebrating
  • The a good number of people are planning to Naruto run outside
  • I still might have to go in to work during the storm.
  • Gas has gone from 2.20$ average to 3.00$ average
  • The hurricane play lists are reforming
  • Memes - a shit ton of them
  • And the shared denial that this will effect any of us in the long run : )
Yell at one of my employees? Enjoy your over-priced meal.

I work at a fast-food restaurant in a small town. More specifically, I’m the manager of that store (I don’t own it, but I run it).

As is common for most small towns, we often get customers that come through our drive-thru in those stupid jacked-up diesel pickup trucks, and those things are LOUD, especially when played through a headset directly into your ear.
Not only do those trucks sound like a school bus that hasn’t had a muffler in 12 years, but they make it reeeaaaally difficult to hear the driver through your headset, especially when the driver thinks you can hear their order that’s spoken at normal conversational volume.

One night, one of those douchenozzles rolls into the drive-thru and leaves the engine running, which makes it incredibly difficult for the girl taking his order to hear him (sometimes people will cut the engine as they know this is the case). After several requests to repeat himself to understand his mumbling, the customer gets angry and yells at her, calling her a “deaf-ass b*tch” and saying “How hard is it to f*ckin’ listen.” Needless to say that made me very angry.
Well wonderful Mr. Fecalweiner the store manager also had a headset, so I decided to chime in and tell my employee that I’d deal with it.

I eventually figured out what he wanted, but instead of ringing it up as the Meal with his fries and drink upsized to large sizes, I rang every item up separately. When it’s a “meal,” the system automatically includes a slight discount in the total; when everything is rung up separately, it can almost come out to be $3.00 more expensive than if it’d been made a meal. He never noticed the sizeable change in the price, and I was even able to sell him a couple pies for being “understanding” about the situation. The order taker girl couldn’t stop laughing in the break room after that.

Basically, don’t be an a*shole to people in the drive-thru because they can’t hear you over your stupid truck, or you’ll end up paying almost twice as much as you should for the same order.

Skin Care on a Budget

As much as I love luxury beauty products, it’s only realistic to accept that not everyone can afford the luxury price tag. (tbh I can’t either) Here’s some examples of cheap skin care routines and products.

Consider that each product will last you, with daily use, about 3 months. This can vary on many factors, but I’ll stick with 3 for simplicity’s sake. So, that 30-something dollar toner might seem pricy, but if it’s 300ml in size, it should last you a long time, making it more affordable.

Also, for the cheapest possible routine, stick to the 3-4 necessary products for proper skin care. In the following sample routines, I will put an asterisk (*) next to these necessary products. Of course, a routine with more products with more quality formulations will give you, well, MORE. However, if you’re choosing between rent and a $80 serum, you should probably choose rent.

Normal Skin:

  • *Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil ($7.79- $2.60/month)
  • *Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser ($9.95- ~$3.32/month)
  • The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% ($12.90- ~$4.30/month)
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution ($8.70- ~$2.90/month)
  • Kikumasamune High Moist Lotion ($12.99- ~$4.33/month)
  • *Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream ($13.87- ~$4.62/month)
  • *Biore Watery Essence ($9.40- ~$3.13/month)

Total: $75.60 | Monthly: $25.20 | * Total: $41.01 | * Monthly: $13.67

Oily Skin:

  • *Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil ($7.79- $2.60/month)
  • *Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser ($9.00- ~$3.00/month)
  • Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid ($16.00- ~$5.33/month)
  • Thayer’s Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera ($7.75- ~$2.58/month)
  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence ($13.89- ~$4.63/month)
  • *Mizon Snail Recovery Gel ($6.57- ~$2.19/month)
  • *Biore Watery Essence ($9.40- ~$3.13/month)

Total: $70.40 | Monthly: $23.46 | * Total: $32.76 | * Monthly: $10.95

Dry Skin:

  • *The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ($9.60- $3.20/month)
  • *CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ($8.99- ~$3.00/month)
  • Hada Labo Premium Gokujyun Lotion ($14.38- ~$4.79/month)
  • Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence ($15.95- ~$5.32/month)
  • *CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion ($8.27- ~$2.76/month)
  • The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil ($9.90- ~$3.30/month)
  • *Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream ($12.00- ~$4.00/month)

Total: $79.09 | Monthly: $26.37 | * Total: $38.86  | * Monthly: $12.96

Mature/Anti-Aging Skin:

  • *The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter ($9.60- $3.20/month)
  • *CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ($8.99- ~$3.00/month)
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution ($8.70- ~$2.90/month)
  • Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence ($15.95- ~$5.32/month)
  • The Ordinary “Buffet” Serum ($14.80- ~$4.93/month)
  • *Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Face Creme ($8.84- ~$2.95/month)
  • *Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV Suncreen ($6.70- $2.23/month)

Total: $73.58 | Monthly: $24.53 | * Total: $34.13 | * Monthly: $11.38

Now feel free to mix, match, cut down, and build up these routines to your specific needs. Also, look into certain brands, like Cosrx and The Ordinary, to see if any of their other cheap products appeal to you!

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can you maybe write something about richie and eddie's first kiss where edddie takes richie's glasses off right before? im dying of feels for these boys who'd get so nervous around each other

He wanted to kiss him.

Hi, i hope this is okay! Sorry for any mistakes.

During summer Sunday afternoons, the Derry theater was the place to be. For most days, all the losers would come running into the dark building to escape the outside heat, and find their seats where they’d take up half the row and kick their feet up.

The Derry Theater always had a summer deal, or ‘steal’ as Richie liked to call it. They’d play classic hits for 3.00 per ticket, and snacks would be down a dollar.

“We should see E.T.,” Mike suggests.

Richie argued back, “No way! Gremlins is the way to go.”

“We saw that two weeks ago, Richie.”

It would usually take about 15 minutes before everyone either gave up or finally all decided on one film they could agree on.

But today was a rainy, dark Sunday.

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For everyone who has been living under a rock for the past months, STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL SEASON 3 begins tomorrow!

The premiere, called “Battle For Mewni”, consists of the first four episodes in the season airing during a two hours slot, as a whole narrative arc. The individual episodes are:

3x01 Return to Mewni/Moon the Undaunted
3x02 Book Be Gone/Marco and the King
3x03 Puddle Defender/King Ludo
3x04 Toffee

It’s going to air on Saturday, July 15th on Disney XD, at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. EDT. The episode are going to be released on the WatchdisneyXD website and the DisneyXD App as well, and while there’s not scheduled time for it, it usually happens at 3.00 a.m. EST (the night between Friday and Saturday), so beware for spoilers, as the episodes might be available before they air on TV!

After this, the show is going to go on hiatus until a still unspecified date in Fall.

On Monday, July 17th, at 7:30 p.m. EST (4:30 p.m. PT), a livechat with Star and Marco is going to stream on Disney XD YouTube, and a short sneak peek for future episodes is going to be shown.


1. There is an american flag in every classroom

2.we are suppose to say the pledge of allegiance every morning

3. School lunches are literally lower grade than prison food, and we are given less

4. They sing the national anthem at every school assembly and sports game

5. If you get less than 64% you have an F and you are failing even though you got more than half correct

6. C which is average is considered a bad grade by most parents

7. You are not graded on your skill level or intelligence you are graded on your work ethic

8. Teachers degrading students is common place, by making them feel stupid and if your teacher DOESNT make you feel dumb then wow theyre amazing

9. School nurses literally give you nothing other than ice if you dont have a doctors note or a prescription medication on hand

10. The most common reason a student is given detention is “defiance of a teacher” aka talking back, correcting a teacher, or trying to explain yourself

11. Lunch is 40 minutes long

12. School starts at 7 am for 0 period, and 8 am for regular (highschool)

13. Most Teachers dont actually care if you learn anything and will send you outside and refuse to teach you because you cant pay enough attention

14. Administration rarely does anything at all about bullies

15. School gets out at 3:30 

16. Collage tuition can range from 20,000 a year to 70,000 a year, not including text books, supplies, and the cost of living (unless you’re in a dorm)

17. Text books cost anywhere from 30 to 200 dollars

18. You will be marked late to class if you are even 1 second after the bell

19. Teachers hold the power to take away your lunch period with detention

20. You will be marked down if you do not dress out for PE

21. School dances can cost from 5 to 100(ish) dollars per person

22. Most teachers dont accept late work

23. A regular night could have 1-7 hours of homework

24. Students are regularly shamed for asking to use the bathroom during class

25. There are usually no bathrooms for trans students, though you could use the nurses bathroom, but only in some states, other states it is illegal to use the school bathroom of your identity, and some places its even illegal to be out at school

26. You will fail the quarter for cheating on a test but will only be suspended for sexual assault of another student

27. Dress code tends to only be used against girls

28. Literally everyone is bullied to the point where we are told its a normal part of growing up

29. Students have such high stress levels that they match those of 1940s pych ward patients

30. Their stress levels are so high that many of them have routine mental break downs

31. Most students only get about 6 hours of sleep a night, some get less, and very few get more

32. Depression and anxiety are often just considered “lazy and shy” by the school and they will force you to present anyway

33. Students can be and are often humiliated about their weight/fitness in PE by teachers yelling things like “hurry up mall walkers, stop being lazy, this is why america is obese”

34. You have to get weighed in PE 2 or 3 times a year

35. They do not teach you about 50% of american history

36. They do not teach you about politics or what the government is doing

37. They do not teach you how to file taxes or balance a check book or maintain a healthy relationship

38. Sex ed is very minimal in many states (mostly in the south)

39. Public schools can have anywhere from 500 to 4000 students

40. Lunch costs $3.00

41. You have to get a permit from the highschool in order to get credit if you want to work when you’re 16

42. You only get an “excused absence” if you have a doctors note or your fucking dying in the hospital or something

43. Public schools up to 12th grade is free, (not including all the supplies, and PE clothes)

44. You are not allowed to share lockers with someone and will get in trouble for doing so

45. Some states do not allow trans girls to wear dresses to events and some will not allow girls or transboys to where suits

46. No educational reform movement has lasted more than 3 year

47. All states have their own schooling policy’s, and dont use the same text books

48. They still teach the same books in english from 60 years ago

49. It costs $100 to take the SAT

50. In many states teachers do not have to have a degree in what they’re teaching, just in teaching.


I enjoyed seeing this 1971 Dodge yesterday at a local carshow. My first car (in 1978) was a ‘72 Nova, so as a teenager I came up against '71 Dodges, such as the car pictured, racing from redlight to redlight. This car is a 340 and has an automatic. I assume the differential is in the low 3.00 range. Nice looking car and a lot of memories brought back.


Return of Naughty Lilly / Wrap-up

Well this outfit was certainly a lot of fun to wear! A while back I saw a photo of a beautiful woman wearing a houndstooth skirt and instantly I knew I had to have one. This was the only one that was in my price range and believe it or not it cost under $3.00 direct from China. It may not hold up to extensive wear but I think I got my money’s worth out of it already :)

tea for two... (1/1)

“you’ve been camping in a crappy tent next to my really comfortable caravan/motor home and it’s been raining cats and dogs for ages, do you want to come in and have a cup of tea to warm up?” (5000 words, rated M) AO3

Setting her Kindle down on her chest for the third time in ten minutes, she covers her eyes with her palms and tries to shake away the thought that keeps creeping past her well-constructed rules. Rules that don’t allow welcoming strange men into her camper. Rules that don’t care about the flash flood warning that keeps popping up on her phone and definitely don’t care that his tent is at the bottom of a hill. Sure, he’s seemed relatively harmless the few times they’ve crossed paths, twice at the showers and once down at the lake. His smile had been friendly each time, mildly flirtatious and devastatingly sexy, but not smarmy and he’d left her alone. A casual wave is as much as she’d gotten, one that she’d returned without thinking. She’d seen him sitting at his campfire the night before, seemingly transfixed to the flames as if lost in thought, or memories maybe, but that had just been her spinning tales as she’d gazed upon his fire-lit profile. Even after the logs were little more than ash, he’d stayed there, waiting until the last ember floated away on the breeze before turning in for the night. She can admit to herself that there’s something about him that intrigues her, his confidence in his solitude, perhaps, something she knows a bit about herself.

So why is she lying here fighting an urge to save him? Who says he even needs, or wants, to be saved?

Frustration has her shucking the covers from her legs so she can stand and pace up and down the narrow walkway between her bunk and the kitchenette. Each time she passes the small window she pauses for a longer look, the rain pelting the window obscuring the view the faint glow of a lantern illuminating his tent from the inside. Eventually, she just stops and stares, waiting to see if she will see his shadow move past the light. When she does, it’s like a flip gets switched and a decision she doesn’t remember making is already made and she’s shoving her feet into her hiking boots and fumbling her head through the hole of her $3.00 rain poncho.

Her jeans and face are soaked almost immediately after stepping outside. Curses fly from her lips as her boots sink into unseen puddles of mud and she nearly topples down the hill, her hand grabbing a nearby tree catching her fall. By the time she’s reached the side of his tent she’s convinced this was the dumbest idea she’s ever had. It’s only seeing the shadow of him standing and moving to the entrance that stops her from turning around and heading back up the hill.

A dark head of hair emerges from the zipper, one hand shielding eyes she knows are the brightest of blue from the unrelenting rain

“Everything alright, love?” 

Bristling slightly at the endearment, she aims her flashlight pointedly at the puddle overflowing into the opening of his tent.

“You seem to be taking on water there, Captain.”

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Tip for travelling in America

Hey guys! As the only American running this blog, I thought I’d give you a couple travel tips.
Cannot stress this enough. So important. America is stupid, so we don’t actually pay our wait staff a living wage. Like, they make less than 3.00 an hour on average. Their lively hood depends almost entirely on tips. If you cannot afford to give a decent 20% tip to the person whose working their ass off and earns most of their salary from people like you, DO NOT GO!!! These people work so hard and deal with so many ungrateful customers and they deserve to be compensated for taking care of you. It sucks that their source of income depends on often mercurial customers, but that is unfortunately how it is, at least for now. HELP THEM PAY THEIR GODDAMN RENT BECAUSE THEIR BASIC SALARY DOES NEXT TO NOTHING!!!
Compared to Europe or even Australia, America has a lot of territory for one country. Subways/metros/tubes are only in the big cities (like the most popular ones- Boston, NYC, etc. Even Orlando doesn’t have a subways system, and Disney is there) and cabs are expensive. Bus systems are not always a thing that exists. You have to be twenty five to rent a car here (we really suck sometimes). Hitch-hiking might get you killed/robbed/raped if you end up with a shady character. Make sure you have a secure way of getting around BEFORE you arrive.
3. It’s pretty hot, especially in the south or in the summer. I know that Europeans tend to wear nice clothes even to walk around, but you can wear shorts and a t-shirt to do most standard tourism in America. Keep cool and keep comfortable.
This is so important. I carry a knife, a corkscrew, and a lighter everywhere I’m not hindered by security concerns, and I’m as white as they come. But racism is still such a big thing here, especially in rural areas. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FROM THE MIDDLE EAST OR LOOK LIKE YOI MIGHT POSSIBLY BE REMOTELY MUSLIM, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT!!! People are ignorant here, and it is a legitimate concern that you might be attacked or have reason to protect yourself. If very well might not happen, but be ready and play it safe, please.